Love in the United States: These are the states where people stay married the longest

SASKATOON, SK ( – On Valentine’s Day, love is definitely in the air, but it might be a little more potent in some states. Although couples would like their love to last forever, a new study reveals that where you live can have a lot to say about it.

The analysis, conducted by Point2Homes, reveals that there is nowhere else in the United States that “until death do us part” means more than in West Virginia and Maine! Couples in these two states stayed married longer than anywhere else in the United States – an average of 22.3 years of marital bliss.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to settle down with one person and one person forever, the study finds New Jersey, North Dakota and Utah have the lowest rates. divorce rate in the nation. Conversely, Nevada and Arkansas lead the way in the number of couples who decide to quit.

Leaving the mainland

Maybe the secret to staying in love is finding a distant place to move to — and possibly avoiding the in-laws. The study finds that a higher percentage of married couples move to Hawaii (57%) than to any other location in all 50 states. The Pacific Paradise also finished as the number one state in terms of “everlasting love” after the researchers measured 18 scores, including well-being, the proportion of people married and divorced, the possibilities for couples to dine out and the general attractiveness of each state.

As for other places Americans take their husbands or wives, Florida was second, followed by Nevada, New Jersey and Washington.

Say “yes” in South Dakota?

If living on the East Coast isn’t your thing or a move to Hawaii is too expensive, getting married in the middle of the country might not be a bad idea. The study of lasting love and marriage found that South Dakota actually has the highest “marriage score” of any state in the country.

More than half the state is married, with only one in nine people divorced or separated. Moreover, marriages here last an average of 21.5 years. Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska round out the top five.

Although these are the best states to maintain a healthy marriage on the long term, the study also reveals that many people are still opting for a destination wedding when taking their vows. Unsurprisingly, no state hosts more weddings than Nevada, where Las Vegas chapels host 23 weddings for every 1,000 people. The next closest is Hawaii, with only eight marriages per 1,000 islanders.

What is the secret to a successful marriage?

So why do some couples last longer than others? is there secret to a happy marriage? Experts say people who are truly dedicated to spending their life with their partner, no matter the challenge, are more likely to do so.

“People in lasting relationships tend to want to be in lasting relationships. It takes a certain mindset to invest in something you hope to endure and to be able to look beyond the ‘little things’ in life. interest of longevity. It means stopping looking for potential ‘upgrades’ and looking for the best in your partner and being satisfied with that,” Scott S. Hall, professor of family studies at Ball State University, said in a statement.

Adds Theresa DiDonato, professor of psychology at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland:Lasting relationships tend to be characterized by a high degree of commitment. The partners look to the future and plan to be together.

Often this reflects a happy relationship defined by healthy habits of care, attention and concern for each other, efforts to support each other’s daily goals and needs, mutual attraction and genuine love. enjoy each other’s company.

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