Credit + Innovation = Credit for Innovation. Today the word of the moment is innovation. Big companies and the market as a whole are eager for novelties, technologies that transform people’s lives, and ideas that can make a difference. Anyone who wants to innovate, however, knows how difficult it is to start a project or business. Finding investors who trust your idea or plan can be a challenging endeavor.

Despite the difficulties, innovating can be profitable. Finding investment requires patience, but it is possible. The prospects for credit and support are in several places, just keep in mind which is the best way to look for the resources you need.

Understanding where to start, this is a factor that needs to be overcome. Many companies offer lines of credit, loans and financing, including collective and collaborative loans. Private banks are also on the move in addition to federal government banks. However, knowing which one is right for your idea requires study, research, and commitment. Knowing information before hand can help the “innovative entrepreneur” to seek resources and lines of credit for their ideas with greater clarity and ownership.

Where to find credit for innovation?


Where to find credit for innovation?


Considering the best investment for your project requires knowing your company and your idea deeply. State loans are a good way to get support. Banks such as Caixa and Banco do Brasil offer good services. Interest rates are lower and conditions are easier. BNDES offers a credit card that you can use to make a loan with the entity. Interest rates and conditions are affordable for anyone looking for resources to innovate and put the company on the market.

In the area of ​​scientific research, who can help with resources is the Funtec, or Technological Fund. This foundation is linked to BNDES and aims to stimulate technological development and innovation of strategic interest to the country. The Financier of Studies and Projects, Finep, through the Direct Investment Program in Innovative Companies, also offers line of credit for innovation.

The goal of FINEP is also to foster science, technology and innovation in companies, universities, technological institutes and other public or private institutions. These entities exist to assist in the economic and technological development of the country.

Collective financing to innovate at the time


Collective financing to innovate at the time

In addition to these more traditional channels, there are other options you use to get funds for your idea. With technology and especially with collaborative economics being one of the main drivers of the 21st century, collective financing has become a viable option for those who need the means to get their idea up and running.

The two main forms of collective finance today are crowdfunding and the peer-to-peer loan (p2p). These transactions have made more and more supporters since there is no need for a bank as intermediary of this loan.

In crowdfunding funding you can use digital platforms such as websites or applications and even social networks to get resources for your idea. The same thing happens with the “p2p loan”. The p2p loan is a new way of getting loans without necessarily going through banks. In this type of credit, you also use digital platforms such as websites and applications to connect with your investors.

Each platform has its own conditions. So before applying for your loan and using this type of credit line, understand well how the platform performs the entire transaction and how its terms and conditions work.

He realized that the possibilities of credit line for new ideas are many. You just need to know which one is best for you. We can not forget the Angel Investors.


Choose credit line: make a loan securely


Choose credit line: make a loan securely


Looking for investment for your idea is a great way to get your project right. However, you should also know exactly where you are getting into. To get the credit, you must be with your project well defined and knowing very well the pros and cons of your ideas.

Before signing any loan agreement, know what are all the probabilities of mistakes and hits and a good repayment repayment plan. It is also important to know if the interest rates are compatible with your pocket and if it has the cheapest cost on the market. Calculate very well so you will not regret it in the future.

Evaluate all the opportunities and conditions of the credit lines for innovation to know the best for your company and project. His idea deserves effort, dedication and investments.