Lena Dunham opens up on addiction, sobriety and bodily shame

  • Lena Dunham, 35, just responded to comments of body shame on her wedding photos on Instagram.
  • The actress and writer shared a caption about her newfound body confidence, including how she came to love her body after battling addiction.
  • “It’s good to live in your current body without treating it as a transition,” Lena wrote. “I am, and I really appreciate him.”

    Girls Star Lena Dunham, 35, has just overwhelmingly applauded the body’s shameful comments on her wedding photos.

    End of September, Léna job a nice shot of her marriage to musician Luis Felber on Instagram. “9 * 25 * 21 – that’s how she became the nanny …” Lena wrote in the caption. But when the post’s comments began to fill with negative and demeaning messages about her weight gain, Lena responded with a new post.

    Under a selfie, the Camping creator has included a powerful caption addressing hurtful messages. “Over the years I have shared many challenges with you and those joyful moments made me think that we should admit that we are happy too – it is not a crime,” Lena wrote.

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    “But all of this security made me forget, for a moment, why I have created such intense limits with the Internet over the past few years,” she continued. “It’s a little too easy to feel the glow of support and forget the cesspool behind it, so I took a look and saw some awful stuff, most of it wasn’t worth it. worth responding or even sharing with you. “

    Next, Lena explained why she thought it was important to respond. “One narrative that I take issue with, largely because it’s a story that I don’t want other women, other people, to lodge in their heads, is that I sort of should have. shame because my body has changed since my last TV appearance, ”she wrote.

    “First, ‘Did Lena eat the cast of Girls’ just isn’t a very good joke – I could tweet it. Second, it’s ironic to have my body compared to a body which has also been the subject of public contempt – an echo chamber of bodily shame, ”Lena explained.

    “But anyway, when will we learn to stop equating weight loss with health / happiness? Sure, weight loss can be the result of a positive change in habits, but guess what? Weight gain too,” she continued.

    Lena also spoke about her struggle with prescription drug addiction through the mail. “The photos I am compared to are from when I was in an active addiction with an undiagnosed disease. In the 4 years since I got sober and started my life as a sucker to health and not just to success, ”she said.

    “These changes have allowed me to be the kind of sister / friend / daughter I want to be and yeah meet my husband (who, by the way, doesn’t recognize me in those old photos because he sees how dim my light was.) “

    “I say this for anyone else whose appearance has changed with time, disease or circumstances,” Lena concluded. “It’s good to live in your current body without treating it as a transition. I am and really enjoying it. I love you all.”

    Fans in the comments rallied around Lena and shared their own words of support. “It landed right in my heart,” wrote one user. “Thank you, Lena, and I’m so happy for you. What a gift you are to the world ❤️❤️.”

    The other celebrities also responded:

    Actress Tori Spelling said: “Congratulations Lena! You deserve it. You look so happy. I love you ️.” While comedian Amy Schumer commented, “Yes to all of that. Here is the health bitch !! Thanks for holding my hand towards mine as well.”

    “It’s so beautifully said. And thank you for putting it on. I send you both so much love and hugs. From one newlywed to the next ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” wrote actress Lily Collins.

    No time for body shamsters here, folks. Tell them, Lena!

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