Kim Kardashian West in wedding dress has fans confused, hopeful and irritated at the same time

Kanye West and his reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian West have been in the headlines in recent months for several things. In February, Kardashian West filed for divorce from West, citing irreconcilable differences, after apparently braving several divorce rumors in recent months. The couple managed to co-parent their four children in a peaceful and loving manner.

However, fans were shocked when the businesswoman appeared in West’s. Donda listening experience in a haute couture wedding dress. The stunt left fans at odds, many feeling confused, hopeful, and irritated at the same time.

No love is lost between West and Kardashian West despite impending divorce

Kim Kardashian West | EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ / AFP via Getty Images

Kardashian West went through a spate of PR that led to two short-lived marriages. Her marriage to West was her third and oldest. The couple started dating in 2011 and married in 2014. Their marriage was one for the books as they built an empire together.

However, in the years leading up to their divorce, things between Kardashian West and West weren’t very rosy. The couple have faced several rumors of a breakup, and the keeping up with the Kardashians The star has had to deal with several public meltdowns from her husband, one of which painted her mother Kris Jenner in a not-so-bright light.

2020 seemed like the breaking point for the two, as several marital issues ultimately tore their union apart. They tried to play happily for the cameras and appeared at various events together, but their attempts to keep their marriage intact turned out to be unsuccessful and the couple eventually broke up.

Although the famous couple lead separate lives, they still support each other, proving that no love is lost between them despite their ongoing divorce. On the rapper’s 44th birthday, Kardashian West wrote a sweet and heartfelt message to her ex-husband, captioning “Happy Birthday.” Love U for life ”, alongside photos of West and their four children.

Kim Kardashian West’s controversial wedding moment has divided fans

Divorce may be a complicated affair, but Kardashian West and West are proving it’s manageable. The rapper hosted a listening party in Chicago for his tenth studio album Donda named after his late mother. Although the night was filled with high energy activities, one moment stood out for everyone and was the highlight of the whole evening.

On the album’s last song, a lady in a white wedding dress walked in, stopping in front of West, who looked happy and hugged her. It later turned out that the mysterious lady was none other than Kardashian West, which made the moment controversial given their relationship status.

While the experience was healthy, with many fans happy about the unofficial reunion, others felt conflicted. A recent Reddit A conversation about the events of the listening party revealed what fans thought seeing Kardashian West in a wedding dress.

One user commented, “I personally think it’s for publicity,” noting that there is no clear evidence to prove the mysterious lady was Kardashian West despite glimpses of the reality TV star. The content gained traction, with one user saying he didn’t think Kardashian West would pass up a chance to wear a Balenciaga wedding dress.

Another user felt the couple’s divorce was a publicity stunt to help increase sales of their album. Some fans felt the move was too outrageous, with one fan saying, “Clowny… the whole thing.” However, some users were delighted to see the famous couple again.

Did Kardashian West’s support for West mean the couple were back together?

Kardashian West showed her support for West even after the listening night. The star shared a screenshot of herself listening to the rapper’s songs via her Instagram account. She also attended another night of listening dressed in an all-red ensemble that mirrored West’s outfit while eagerly listening to her nearly ex-husband on stage.

While the couple have not confirmed whether they will reunite, their mutual support gives fans hope for a possible reunion.

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