Jason Alexander: Britney Spears wishes we were still married!

In 2004, there was a short period when, surprisingly, many believed that Britney Spears had married George de Seinfeld.

Of course, it was discovered that Brit had married another man named Jason Alexander, but the news was not very effective in mitigating the impact of subsequent events.

When the details became clear, the world learned that Jason and Britney were in love with high school and decided to hitchhike a few hours after their reunion.

Unsurprisingly, Britney (or those responsible for her assets) struck down the marriage in just 55 hours.

This question was almost forgotten until Britney’s life was once again a front-page tabloid.

Therefore Britney’s testimony Her latest proxy continues to garner media attention around the world, and there is a new curiosity about the extent to which her father has manipulated and controlled her throughout her life.

And he and his legal team seem to have been telling Brit what to do since the days of George W.

Earlier this week, Alexander starred in the popular Toxic: Britney Spears Story, and for the first time, he dived into his side of the story for the first time.

He says the love he and Britney felt for each other was real and the abolition of rushing was the work of the same people who were tying his shoelaces to this day.

“They told me that if I signed the contract – destroyed – they would keep me with Britney to continue our relationship, and if we felt the same in 6 months, they would give her a suitable marriage,” Alexander insisted.

Jason Alexander-Britney Spears

“So I had no reason to believe anything else. I thought it was true. They still allowed Britney and I to communicate by phone, ”he added.

“So we were talking every day, and I still believed the story I was told, they would let us keep talking, and if we feel the same in the future, I will have this marriage.”

According to Jason, his own lawyer told him he had 30 days to challenge the revocation, after which he could no longer contact Spears.

Jason says he didn’t want to offend Britney, so he didn’t believe them and didn’t challenge the abolition.

“Literally the day after 30 days, I remember trying to call Britney’s number. It was like “beep, beep, beep.” I said “F—! They got me! Mom ——!” “

Remembering the wedding day, Alexander says it was all Britney’s idea:

“It was around 5 am. We always talk in bed, ”he said.

“And she wanted me to come on tour with her, and I said, ‘I can’t. I love coming on tour with you, but I’m coming back and playing senior football. I got a scholarship .. I’m just not going to leave, ”Alexander continued.

“So she said, ‘Well, I have something to ask'”, I said, “What is it? And she almost asked me if I wanted to get married. It was like. “

“I felt it was a way to connect, no matter how far away we were. We are married. We cannot be reunited.

Although portrayed as a nuisance by the vicious tabloids of the day, Jason says the overall experience was actually very healthy.

“We went to a little white wedding chapel,” he explained.

“The limo driver took her down the aisle. We did it all. Another couple got married that morning, so they recognized her and we took a picture. He added.

“Later I found out that the couple had been paid 100 euros for the photo, so I thought ‘what a wonderful wedding present for them. “”

But soon after the vow was taken, Jason realized it was deep.

“When we left, finished our wedding in a limo on the way back to the hotel and headed back to the hotel- ‘Hey, what do you think? We are married! “Everyone was surprised, I wasn’t happy either. “

“And I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be interesting soon.'”

There’s no doubt that many will question Jason’s version of the event, but if that doesn’t lead to anything else, check out at least one important fact.

Britney Spears is never allowed to live her life or make her mistakes.

Jason Alexander: Britney Spears wishes we were still married! Jason Alexander: Britney Spears wishes we were still married!

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