International Shabbat Project Receives Record Attendance During COVID

The Shabbat Project, an annual event that has lasted for nine years, received a record number of people participating in 2021, despite numerous COVID-19 restrictions in their respective cities.

The South African-born Shabbat Project this year surpassed the most pledges it had received before the pandemic. There have been over 1,100 “unity events” as well as thousands of home events in more than 1,500 cities around the world.

Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, Founder and Director of the Project, said: “I am moved by the resilience and daring of our thousands of partners and volunteers around the world whose efforts have led to record participation in the midst of headwinds of the consequences of the pandemic. “

The event involves Jewish participants attending mass Shabbat lunches, dinners, concerts, Shabbatons, etc.

“The visceral connection between Jews of all origins and Shabbat was clearly visible during the weekend’s events across all barriers of language, culture and level of observance,” Goldstein continued.

International Shabbat Project receives record attendance despite pandemic. (Credit: Courtesy of The Shabbat Project.)

Israel has organized over 200 different events this year in cities like Eilat, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Ra’anana, Herzliya and Kfar Saba. In the United States, the Shabbat Project was held in Phoenix, Long Beach, San Diego, etc. Events in Europe took place in Madrid, Paris and elsewhere.

Shabbat events in Latin America have taken place in Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico.

While the event originated in South Africa, the Shabbat Project was run from its headquarters in Tel Aviv.

A new initiative within these unique Shabbat events includes the “Shabbox,” which is a special gift box designed to help young Jewish families experience the joy of sharing Shabbat together. Other campaigns included “Pick a Mitzvah” and the “Challah Challenge”.

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