Inside Out: Quite a lot of lineup for late-night Staten Island TV talk show host Johnny Potenza

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Johnny Potenza, host of “Up Late With Johnny Potenza”. (Courtesy / Jo Cavallo) Staten Island AdvanceStaten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Johnny Potenza, late night talk show host at Staten Island Community Television (CTV), said, “It’s been hell for a year and a half.”

When the whole world was shut down due to the coronavirus, the producer / editor explains that he created a virtual show which he called “Lockdown with Johnny Potenza” and then “Up Late With Johnny Potenza Virtual Spotlight” which is is finally made into this season’s “Up Late” With Johnny Potenza, “a show set to begin filming on October 7th.

"Get up late with Johnny Potenza"

Johnny Potenza and actor William Forsythe from “Gotti”. (Courtesy / Cathleen Gillingham) Staten Island Advance

Potenza has hosted guests from the music and entertainment world and is back to kick off the fall season as a late night talk show host aboard the show. innovative varieties from Staten Island Community Television (CTV).

“I started interviewing and talking with artists in the industry,” he said. “And later, the virtual show will turn into a podcast. But I will also do my ‘Up Late With Johnny Potenza’.

"Get up late with Johnny Potenza"

Potenza and actor Robert Clohessy. (Courtesy / Cathleen Gillingham) Staten Island Advance

The local talk show host suggests that the season’s guest list includes names like Armand Assante, the classic tough guy actor and writer and four-time Golden Globe nominated / Emmy award-winning actor (Gotti 1996) who received 12 Lifetime Achievement Awards; producer Sean Kanan, winner of a 2021 Emmy Award for his new drama series “Studio City”; actor Robert Costanzo, artist-actress Kathrine Narducci (The Sopranos), comedian Brian Quinn, the Impassable Jokers, actor William Forsythe and comedian Mike Marino, who will headline the St. George Theater on October 15th.

"Get up late with Johnny Potenza"

Potenza and George Lamond. (Courtesy / Cathleen Gillingham)Staten Island Advance

During his more than 10 years with the series, Potenza served as a producer, editor, and host, and found himself interviewing legendary TV personality Joe Franklin, Sopranos. regular, Vincent Pastore and Robert Clohessy of “Blue Bloods”.

Most recently, on his new show “Up Late with Johnny Potenza”, he hosted “The Amazing Kreskin”, best known for his entertaining appearances on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, as well as comedian and creator of Uncle. The actor in Vinny’s videos, Anthony Rodia.

"Get up late with Johnny Potenza"

Johnny Potenza with Garry Pastore and The Amazing Kreskin, center. (Courtesy / Cathleen Gillingham) Staten Island Advance

Then there’s radio personality, comedian Goumba Johnny, who opens for Rodia and will appear at the St. George Theater on November 13.

"Get up late with Johnny Potenza"

“Up Late With Johnny Potenza” features an array of upcoming guests. Staten Island Advance


The first of the Potenza lineup is Nicole Doz, Miss Staten Island 2018, who is also the supervisor of the city’s sanitation department and now holds the title of Miss New York for America Strong 2021, comedian Rich Carucci and the author Frank DiMatteo.


The Prince’s Bay resident always loves to remember memorable moments from past shows. But the format continues to cover a variety of topics and spotlights people in the entertainment world including songwriters, songwriters, artists, songwriters, actors, and comedians.

His life before reality TV: he was a drummer at 12 and studied under the tutelage of people like Frank Bellucci and Jim Chapin, father of the Harry Chapin. He found his place in the music world and performed in a band called NYB (None of Your Business).


On Spectrum, “Late Night with Johnny Potenza” airs at 11 pm Thursdays on Channel 79. On Verizon, it airs Thursdays at 11 pm on Channel 35.

The show is pre-recorded in front of a studio audience on the first Thursday of each month starting October 7. You can also watch it on Youtube or, for free. For studio seating, connect to [email protected] to reserve a seat for the show. Check out the tab that says studio audience. Seating places in the studio are at 7:30 p.m. Show time, 8 p.m.

For more information, visit All guests in the studio audience must have a COVID-19 vaccination card to enter CTV studios.


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Oldies and American Bandstand Girl Carol Brower Rabold, also celebrates a birthday Monday.

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