I uninvited my mom from my wedding because she gives me a smaller gift than my sisters – it’s not just about cash

NO CHILD wants to feel like the least loved brother, but one man had good reason to suspect him – and he even had proof that he was second best.

He claimed his mother gave him a smaller wedding present than she gave her sisters just because she did not approve of his fiancée.


A man has revealed that he revoked his mother’s invitation to her wedding because she was giving him a much smaller gift than the one she had given her sisters.Credit: Getty
He said his mother doesn't like his fiancee having student loans, while he doesn't like


He said his mother doesn’t like his fiancee having student loans, while he doesn’t like

“I want to preface that it’s about money and not money,” said the man, who shared his story in an anonymous post on Reddit, at the top of his post.

“It’s hurtful to be treated differently, and I know Reddit thinks that no one owes anyone anything, but I feel like a mother owes her children fair treatment.”

The disappointed son went on to explain that he is getting married in May, and while his father pays for his wedding like he did for his two sisters, his mother gave the two sisters a huge sum of money as a gift. while she offered him nothing.

“I don’t want to go into exact numbers, but it was extremely generous and probably more than a down payment for a house,” he noted.

The groom explained that the snub is due to his mother’s disapproval that his fiancee has $ 80,000 in student loans in his name, when he has none because he was fortunate enough to do so. pay his parents for his university studies.

The groom was so upset that he admitted to confronting his mother and warning her that her actions were intolerable and that she would suffer the consequences of his favoritism.

“My mother explained that my two brothers-in-law have no debt, so the money was to start a future, but she knows that if she gives me the money, it will go to the loan (real) and she thinks that ‘she shouldn’t be responsible for the college education of someone else’s child,’ the man recalls.

“I tried to explain that paying off this debt as soon as possible is in the best interest of my future.”

The poster’s mother said she discussed the matter with her husband and they both decided it was best not to offer them any money and that she would not change her mind .

Next, the poster revealed his ultimate decision: he would remove his mother from the marriage.

“She doesn’t like my fiancee.

“She doesn’t care about my future as much as that of my sisters.

“She plays favorites with her kids,” he explained.

He admitted that his whole family is furious and his sisters threatened not to come to the wedding if their mother wasn’t invited, but he ultimately feels like he made the best decision.

“My fiancee cried because she feels so supported, and it hurts but it has to be my priority,” he concluded.

While the poster was confident in their decision, the internet seemed to be a lot more indecisive about it.

“Yes, paying off loans is also an investment in your future. But think of it this way, ”suggested a Reddit user opposed to the groom.

“If your sisters’ marriages fall apart, they get a ‘payback’ on that investment (part of a house or equivalent value even if they are common names), with which they can comfortably recoup and restart.

“What do you get back from the loan repayment if you and your future wife separate?” “

However, another reader felt uncomfortable with the situation and said, “It just looks like, ‘You didn’t choose a rich woman so you have less money because I don’t. don’t want to pay off a poor person’s loans. ‘ “

A third person who sympathized with both sides said there should be a compromise.

“Agree that you are actually going to invest in a down payment on a house instead of paying off the loans.

“You still get the gift, but your mom doesn’t think her gift is, in her mind, ‘misused’,” they explained.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a bride or groom has taken a family member away from their wedding.

Another Reddit user previously claimed he took his sister off her special day, but she showed up in a white dress anyway.

Even more questionably, a bride threatened not to invite her parents to her wedding if they didn’t help her financially.

The man is now reprimanded by his whole family, but he sticks to his decision


The man is now reprimanded by his whole family, but he sticks to his decisionCredit: Getty
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