I gave up on my expensive £ 11,000 marriage

A BRIDE has revealed how she decided to ditch her expensive £ 11,000 wedding and have four honeymoons instead.

TikTok user @luxuryexperiences uploaded a video sharing how she called off the wedding, then married three hours later in a random £ 37 white dress.


TikTok user @luxexperiences revealed how she called off her expensive wedding and got married three hours laterCredit: TikTok / @ luxexperiences
She said she found the wedding planning


She said she found the wedding planning “stressful” and instead wanted to get married when no guests were present.Credit: TikTok / @ luxexperiences
She married her fiance in a £ 37 dress with two buddies watching


She married her fiance in a £ 37 dress with two buddies watchingCredit: TikTok / @ luxexperiences

Bride Yulia wrote: “My fiance and I were planning a big wedding that would cost us over $ 15,000 (£ 11,000).

“It got so stressful, expensive and our families were pulling us in different directions.

“I didn’t want to have any guests and I didn’t care about the wedding dress.

“One day we woke up and decided to get married the same day with no one and to call off our big wedding in nine months.


“We called 2 of our best friends, I ran to the store and bought a $ 50 (£ 37) white dress and we got married three hours later.”

Yulia said it was the “best decision ever” and revealed that she instead “took our wedding money and booked four honeymoons instead”.

She explained how she traveled to Greece, Italy, Hawaii and Morocco and saved herself the stress of planning a big event.

His video racked up 1.8 million views and many people praised his idea.

One of them said, “See, doesn’t that make more sense than to entertain the people who are just going to eat your food and judge.”

Another said, “Marriage gives me anxiety, so that’s a no for me.”

A third said: “Weddings are a waste of money.”

Instead of paying for a big wedding, she had four honeymoons


Instead of paying for a big wedding she had four honeymoonsCredit: TikTok / @ luxexperiences

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