How to tie a perfect bow with a ribbon

You did it ! You’ve chosen the perfect gift for your loved one and even found some paper to wrap it with. Now for the finishing touch: a knot! Anyone who’s fumbled with ribbon knows that tying a knot can be a challenge, but it really adds something special to your gift. Grab your ribbon, a pair of scissors and let’s get started. Follow these simple steps to really wow the recipient. You will use these skills for Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, birthdays, etc.

  1. Hold the ribbon down with your thumb on the box. Wrap the ribbon around the width of the package. Wrap it over the part of the ribbon you are holding.
  2. Continue looping along the entire length. Pull the piece you were holding up and over the center. Wrap the other piece over it and pull it under the center. Pull the pieces at opposite ends to tighten the knot.
  3. Create a loop with one end of the ribbon. Wrap the other end of this ribbon over this loop. Tuck it under and pull to form a second loop. Pull both loops into a knot and make sure they are even.
  4. Fold one dangling end of the ribbon in half lengthwise and cut diagonally to form two pointed points. Repeat on the other dangling end of the ribbon.

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