#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Tracy Hafner | Save The Date Flower & Wedding Studio

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – an exclusive SweetwaterNOW series where we spotlight the hard-working people in local businesses in our community.

Recently, I had the chance to meet Tracy Hafner, owner and operator of Save the Date Flower & Wedding Studio in Downtown Rock Springs.

Being a florist is Tracy’s passion and for 30 years she has found ways to keep that passion in her life.

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Tracy remembers making her first flower arrangement when she was about 10 years old. She found a log in a stream and added dried flowers, grass, moss, etc.

Tracy with her first homemade flower arrangement.

When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher or a floral designer. I like to make arrangements for people to help them express their feelings. A birthday arrangement, birthday flowers or just a “I’m thinking of you” bouquet. Moments in life like these only happen once, you don’t have to start over and it’s important that I make them as special as possible for my clients.

Tracy hafner

Save the Date was established in 2018 and was run from Tracy’s home as she primarily focused on weddings while working another full-time career. In October 2020, Tracy moved to her current location at 157 K Street!

Save the Date Flower & Wedding Studio Store Front at 157 K Street

The new retail location allows Tracy to offer fresh flowers for all occasions such as; birthdays, anniversaries, as well as tributes of sympathy, plants, balloons, artificial flowers and gift items. Tracy also offers a custom design. She is able to visit a person’s home or an event location to assess the best way to personalize her creations.

In the past, Tracy worked in other florists. Opening his own boutique allowed him to offer his design and exceptional customer service to his customers. “I want people to feel like they’re coming to see a friend when they come to my studio. It’s more than just making a living. It is about building relationships, offering information about plants and flowers, sitting with a family to comfort them as they order flowers for the loved one who has just died while expressing that last expression of love and memories, ”Tracy said.

Tracy’s favorite moments are when she receives phone calls or emails from brides and other customers expressing how much it meant to them to receive their flowers or a crying bride because she just saw her dreams take hold. life.

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Being able to finally move Save the Date to a retail outlet came with challenges, especially in the year 2020. Tracy had everything on track to launch at an event in Rock Springs to announce her new business. She had ticked all of her boxes by contacting the Small Business Development Center, hired a business coach, had her website built, created a brand and logo, set up a marketing campaign, all the things to start a business. new business.

… Then COVID-19 hit! The weddings Tracy had planned for the summer were called off, the events she had planned were called off. Naturally, Tracy and her husband decided to push back the opening date and she got a part-time job while working from home.

“It was a learning experience for sure, but I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and the delay was just to make me stronger, more motivated and better prepared.”

For Tracy, not giving up during those difficult first months paid off tenfold and she is now living her dream. Tracy has always had a strong work ethic and gives 110% to her career and family and owning her own business gives her the flexibility to do just that.

“It’s a question of balance; being able to attend hockey games, orchestral concerts, go hunting with my husband, as well as help a bride make her day magical. I am a woman, the bucket washer, the decorator, the order taker, accounts receivable and payable, the delivery person. But first I am a woman and a mother. Owning a business is no easy task, some days are more difficult than others, but the hard work is worth it, ”explained Tracy. “I want to show our kids to follow their dreams and never give up. “

If Tracy could give one piece of advice to aspiring owners / managers / entrepreneurs it would be:

Follow your dreams and do your research!

Tracy hafner

Tracy realizes how the support of our community has contributed to the success of Save the Date and other small businesses in the region. “We have an amazing community that offers so much to our residents, we come together when it matters most. Support local sporting events, group activities, outdoor events, fundraisers, bake sales, etc. We are all in there. We must continue to support small businesses in our community in order to grow and see continued growth in our region. “

With that, Tracy would also like to thank everyone who helped her along this journey.

“I want to say a big thank you to my husband, family and friends for supporting me and my dream, and my clients. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. I have been open for just over 6 months and am very grateful to those who placed orders for delivery, went through my studio and my brides I had the opportunity to work with. Everyone has been very positive and encouraging. I have received tremendous feedback from clients and other business owners. I look forward to assisting clients with their floral, wedding and event planning needs.

Call Tracy at Save the Date at (307) 522-5283

Stop and say hello at 157 K Street in Rock Springs

Keep up to date with all Save the Date on Facebook HERE

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