HEAS is on the hunt for the best nutritious recipes in Victoria’s long-term child care

The Healthy eating advisory service (HEAS) is running a competition to find the best recipes in Victoria’s long-term care centers with exciting prizes from Bunnings, MTA and the Stephanie Alexander Vegetable Garden Foundation on offer.

“Long-term daycares do a fantastic job of providing and teaching children about nutrition and healthier food and beverage options,” said Margaret Rozman, registered dietitian and HEAS program manager.

“We know that around 46% of children aged two to five regularly attend formal childcare, such as long-term care, spending an average of 30.9 hours per week. For children who attend daycare eight hours a day, the majority of their daily meals and snacks are provided in the daycare,” she added.

HEAS is looking for recipes in several categories to celebrate the importance of nutritious food provision and education to help establish healthy eating habits in young children, namely:

  1. Have fun with fruits and vegetables – how do you creatively incorporate these ingredients into your recipe?
  2. Celebrate Culture – how do you celebrate cultural diversity in your center through food?
  3. Connect the kitchen to the garden – how do you include your garden in your recipes?
  4. Cheap and cheerful – what is your basic recipe to make sure you stick to your budget?
  5. Cooking with the kids – share your favorite cooking activity and recipe in class.
  6. waste warriors – how do you take care of the planet in your kitchen? Share your sustainable and waste-reducing recipes.

Ms Rozman hopes the contest will be seen by the industry as ‘a fun and creative way to celebrate the importance of this food supply and education, and the hard workers who deliver it’.

The prizes offered include:

  1. Have fun with fruits and vegetables – $400 good guys gift card
  2. Celebrate Culture – $400 Curriculum Koori gift card
  3. Connecting the kitchen to the garden – Stephanie Alexander Vegetable Garden Foundation (SAKGF) – Early Childhood Kitchen Garden Program Classroom Membership and Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids by Stephanie Alexander worth $350 (sponsored by SAKGF)
  4. Cheap and cheerful – $400 Kitchen Warehouse gift card
  5. Cooking in class – $250 Modern teaching aids voucher (sponsored by Modern Teaching Aids) + $150 Good Guys gift card
  6. Waste Warriors – $400 Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card.

Additionally, to celebrate the wonderful recipes received, HEAS will be compiling a cookbook of the most creative, nutritious and inspiring submissions.

The contest is open to all long-term childcare centers in Victoria and will run from Monday June 27th to Friday July 29th. For more information, to access the terms and conditions and to enter please see here.

HEAS is a free service that provides information, training, menu reviews and resources to help organizations provide and promote healthy food and beverages. It is supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Vic Division of Nutrition Australia.

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