Hawesville Farm has become a popular wedding venue | Characteristics

When it comes to agribusinesses, barns and farms have become popular venues, especially for weddings.

And while some have reused old tobacco barns as wedding venues, Toni Carie of Hawesville built her rustic barn-style venue called Carie’s Creek, 1749 Goering Road, from the ground up seven years ago.

“We had a barn, but it wasn’t one we could use,” Carie said. “It was a hay barn, and it just wasn’t pretty.”

Carie’s family lives on a 72-acre farm in Hancock County, where they primarily raised horses until they started their agribusiness.

“The farm was full of horses, and we knocked down all the fences to build a wedding barn,” she said.

Carie said the idea grew out of social media posts about how people were turning their farms into wedding venues.

“It just happened; you know how you look, and on Pinterest I saw people were having weddings in barns, but there weren’t any here,” Carie said. “And my son had just proposed, and I thought, “Hey, we could do something here just outside.”

And from there, she began to pursue the wedding venue adventure.

Carie said her husband, Jim, called her “crazy” because he didn’t think anyone would “go all the way” for a wedding.

But she argued that people are willing to travel the world for weddings if they want to go.

And on a past Valentine’s Day, Carie said her husband had a pavilion built that eventually turned into the place it is today.

“He said when it collapsed, ‘I think I can put my tractors there,'” Carie said. “But every year after that we added until there were walls, then it became a barn instead of a pavilion. Then it became a barn with a porch and a barn with bathrooms, a dance floor and lights.

For cavities, the wedding season runs from the first weekend in May until the end of June and resumes in September and October.

Carie said she offers different packages, with the aim of taking as much work off the bride and groom as possible.

“It went much better than he thought, but I had high hopes from the start,” Carie said. “It’s exactly what I want it to be, and I have as many weddings as I want.

“We focus on taking care of our couples and taking care of everything for them so they don’t have to. That’s how we create their dream wedding.

For more information, visit the Carie’s Creek website — www.cariescreek.com — or call 270-993-1606.

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