Gwen Stefani reveals Blake Shelton’s sweet nickname for her – NBC New York

What’s in a (sur)name? Well if you are Gwen Stefani and Blake Sheltonsomething quite adorable.

By playing a game ofburning questions” on “The Ellen DeGeneres ShowOn April 6, Stefani, 52, revealed the extra sweet nickname her husband Shelton, 45, calls her: “Pretty Girl.”

“I didn’t make that up! He invented it. Stefani exclaimed before adding, “Yes, he calls me ‘Pretty Girl’.”

The “Don’t Speak” singer also revealed her own term of endearment for her musician hubby: “Blakey.” She added, “We all call him Blakey.”

The couple, who first met as co-judges on “The voice“, officially tied the knot in July 2021 during a small intimate ceremony. Although the coronavirus pandemic limited the number of guests, Stefani said Ellen Degeneres that it wouldn’t change anything about their special day.

“[The wedding] just got smaller and smaller and – the Lord works in mysterious ways – it was like the perfect number of people,” Stefani said. “It was so intimate. It was so exactly what it needed to be.”

And since ? “Not just marriage, but marriage is so much fun! I’m so into it I feel so blessed,” Stefani shared. “He’s my best friend. We have so much fun.”

Indeed, everything is pink for the duo… and zinnias and daffodils too! Stefani revealed that she recently tasked Shelton with figuring out “how to plow all the dirt and dig a well” for a new garden at their Oklahoma home.

“I was just talking about planting seeds because it’s such a huge thing in my life to end up in Oklahoma planting seeds,” she explained. “I think of all the different seeds that have been planted in my life, the seeds of faith, the seeds of these crazy ideas I had that came true, even falling in love with Blake.”

She added, “It’s crazy because now I’m going to go back and plant so many flowers and they’re going to bloom and it’s so exciting. There’s so much relevance between the two things if you think about it.”

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