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In 2019 Hillary and Chelsea Clinton co-authored The Book of Gutsy Women. This eight-part series sees mother and daughter bring their book to life, meeting women who, through art, activism or community leadership, have brought about change. It begins with a fascinating look at comedy. Chelsea is scarred by her experiences as the president’s daughter (“I was laughed at so much when I was a kid by people who were professional comedians”) and has a troubled relationship with art. But speaking with comedic women like Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and the excellent and empowering Natalie Palamides, she explores how empowering and subversive laughter can be. Phil Harrison
Apple TV+, starting Friday

wedding season

Rosa Salazar wedding season. Photo: Luke Varley/Disney+

There’s a wavering tower of cliches surrounding this marriage dramedy: the messy friendship group, the inebriated intimacy, the one-night stand with far-reaching consequences. But for a maximalist raise in the stakes, he also throws a dance floor tracheotomy and a number of alleged murders into the pot. The story centers on unfortunate Stefan (Gavin Drea) who meets Katie from Rosa Salazar a few months before his own nuptials. Their hasty affair leads Stefan to make an impulsive intervention at his wedding – but how far is he willing to go? Wild, unpredictable and slightly strange. pH
Disney+, from Thursday

Cobra Kai

Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver in Cobra Kai.
Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver in Cobra Kai. Photography: Curtis Bonds Baker/NETFLIX

This Karate Kid sequel continues to tout its clever and well-rounded combination of comedy and morality parables. The fifth season picks up following the defeat of the Miyagi-Do Karate tournament. As promised, the dojo is closing its doors. Into the void is predatory Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), complete with a black capsule wardrobe and a blonde ponytail. Looking and acting like an 80s Bond villain, he threatens to spread his brutal karate style across Los Angeles. Ralph Macchio’s Daniel has other ideas – and a secret weapon. pH
Netflix, starting Friday


Alessandro Gassman in Redemption.
Alessandro Gassman in Redemption. Photo: ” “/Channel 4 / Walter Presents

Another of Channel 4’s excellent foreign language dramas, this time from Italy and launching via their All 4 streaming service. of her estranged son is found on the banks of the Tiber. It is generally assumed that the young man committed suicide, but Valerio and his former flame Sara (Maya Sansa) are not convinced. Cue an investigation in which, according to the title, Valerio tries to redeem himself as a policeman and father. pH
All 4 out now


Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson, with Russell Hornsby as his manager Don King.
Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson, with Russell Hornsby as his manager Don King. Photography: Patti Perret/HULU

The life and career of Mike Tyson are dramatized in this eight-part series. Although not authorized by the boxer, the show is narrated by the actor playing Tyson (Trevante Rhodes) – a style that will be familiar from I, Tonya, the biopic of this series director Craig Gillespie. As he traces Tyson’s career from the streets of Brooklyn to the youngest heavyweight champion in history, as well as his 1992 rape conviction and post-release career, he promises to set his subject’s story in the context of the American Dream, the power of the media, and the role of society in shaping his career. Alexis Duggins
Disney+, from Thursday

central park

central park season 3.
central park season 3. Picture: Apple TV+

This charming oddity has reached a third season. Like an animated Parks and Recreation musical, it’s essentially a hymn to public space and civic duty. When we return, idealistic park ranger Owen Tillerman (Leslie Odom Jr) is still protecting Central Park from all attempts at commercialization. When one of his favorite TV shows goes to shoot an episode, he’s excited. But only if they’re ready to show off their beloved space in a good light. Very likeable, and the musical interludes – including a rap about low-level municipal corruption – are also a lot of fun. pH
Apple TV+, starting Friday

Narco Saints

Ha Jung-woo and Hwang Jung-min at Narcos-Saints.
Ha Jung-woo and Hwang Jung-min in Narco-Saints. Photo: Cho Wonjin/Netflix

Gripping action of Korean gangsters inspired by a true story. Ha Jung-woo is Kang In-gu, a small-time entrepreneur who accepts a dodgy business proposition and finds himself embroiled in a nightmare in the cocaine hotspot of Suriname. At the behest of cop Choi Chang-ho (Park Hae-soo of Squid Game fame), the hapless Kang finds himself imprisoned and then used to infiltrate a sprawling and deadly criminal organization. Jung-woo is a compelling and nuanced track, which might have a trick or two up its sleeve. pH
Netflix, starting Friday

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