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Cumberland County Playhouse’s musical season kicked off with a fabulous production of Cinderella. Come to the library on June 21 at noon to hear the cast perform selections from this classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical.

You won’t want to miss it.

Great New Books

The house across the lake by Riley Sager. Since the unexpected death of her husband, Casey Fletcher has been on a downward spiral, using alcohol as a crutch.

When she’s fired from a Broadway play for appearing drunk and social media explodes, her movie star mother gives her an ultimatum: rehab or retire to their secluded seaside home. a lake in Vermont. Casey chooses the lake.

Bored and drunk, she has monotonous days, and the porch becomes her safe place, where she can stare at the dark surface of Green Lake and try to forget.

One morning, she sees a body floating on the water and without thinking, dives in and saves the person.

The drowning victim is her new neighbor, Katherine, a famous model married to Tom, a tech millionaire. The women befriend each other, leading Casey to “peek a peek” at her neighbors. Casey becomes obsessed with watching them through her binoculars. When Katherine suddenly disappears, the story becomes a mix of Rear Window and The Girl on the Train.

Lapvone by Otessa Moshfegh. Moshfegh has always been keenly interested in a certain ugliness in humanity, and her latest work takes that concern to its most literal ends yet.

Her fourth novel (after Death in her Hands) is ostensibly a work of historical fiction, set in a small medieval stronghold where water and religion rule. The narrative is structured according to the four seasons, to better communicate the relentless daily suffering and perverse misery exhibited there.

In truth, the work falls more directly into the realm of fabulism, with a magical realism specific to the period that flourished the story. The author’s familiar and acid survey of particular psychology remains largely in place, but here such grotesqueness is not just inward but outward. Each character is a twisted fairy tale creation subsumed in dark medieval realism. For Moshfegh insiders, the pivot should feel appropriately organic; for those unfamiliar, the historical and fantastical slants of the narrative still offer plenty to chew on.

The village of Lapvona is nothing if not an easy analogue of the evil implicit in class division. But the novel’s success lies in never explicitly engaging in blunt metaphor or cheap storytelling, instead allowing Moshfegh’s ease with incisive character development to stay front and center.

A Huge World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us by Ed Yong. The Earth is full of images and textures, sounds and vibrations, smells and tastes, electric and magnetic fields.

But each animal is locked in its own unique sensory bubble, perceiving only a tiny part of a huge world. This book welcomes us into a previously unfathomable dimension – the world as it is truly perceived by other animals. We encounter beetles attracted to fires, songbirds that can see the Earth’s magnetic fields, and brainless jellyfish that nevertheless have complex eyes. We find that a crocodile’s scaly face is as sensitive as a lover’s fingertips, a giant squid’s eyes evolved to see twinkling whales, and even fingernail-sized spiders. can distinguish the craters of the moon.

We meet people with unusual senses, from women who can distinguish additional colors to blind people who can navigate using reflected echoes like bats. Yong tells the stories of crucial discoveries in the field and also delves into the many mysteries that remain unsolved.

Laughter Library I

Why are good doctors always calm?

They have a lot of patients.



Air conditioning in the car reduces fuel efficiency as it consumes power from the engine to run the internal cooling unit. When it’s extremely hot outside, it makes perfect sense to use the air conditioner, but cool your car the same way you cool your house, maintaining a temperature of around 74 degrees rather than blowing it out. coldest air possible.

Also, park in shaded areas as much as possible and start by pushing hot air out of the car by opening all windows when you first enter.

Laughter Library II

What can run but not walk?

A nose.

Stingy Schobel says

The United States Postal Service has a simple green tip for mailing packages: reuse what you have.

Yes, you can use the perfectly sturdy cardboard box your new shoes arrived in as a gift box to be mailed.

You can run magazines, direct mail, and old mail through a shredder to use as packing material to protect fragile items inside the box. And instead of driving to the post office, save fuel and print shipping costs from USPS.com, where you can also schedule pickup to your doorstep. Anyway, the post comes to your home six days a week, so why not have them collect your parcels for free?

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