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OLEAN — Once again, the Genesis House Gala, a major fundraiser for Olean’s homeless shelter, will be a virtual event in February.

Organization officials hope to continue the annual tradition, virtual again this year due to the ongoing pandemic, by hosting the “2022 Virtual Gala for the Love of All” on February 17, an event on Thursday.

Tickets, which cost $50 each, will give attendees the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Old Library Restaurant, Brothers’ Bistro, or Century Manor in Olean, as well as receive admission to to earn. a raffle of $500 or other prizes. Additional raffle tickets are $15 each.

Registrations for the gala can now be made on the Genesis House website at by clicking the “Click here for Genesis House Gala 2022” link on the homepage. The deadline for orders is February 8.

The Reverend Kim Rossi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Genesis House, said preparations have gone well so far. She said restaurant meal pickups are split into blocks of 4:30-5:30 p.m. and 5:30-6:30 p.m., and restaurants also have options for kids.

“There has been good activity online,” she said. “We’re about halfway there to what we were hoping to sell for meals.”

New this year, gala attendees can also purchase a meal for Genesis House residents. Rossi said he has received nine donations so far and is seeking 17 in total.

“It’s a nice addition that on the night we celebrate the gala, we also celebrate with the residents of the house so that they also get a nice gourmet meal for dinner,” she said.

Rossi said he received more items than expected for the auction. People can bid on items online on the same page where they can order dinners. The auction draw itself will take place live on Facebook.

Several of the items up for grabs at the event include: $365 in raffle tickets, handmade coffee mugs and a platter of bagels, yoga classes, Taste of the Town restaurant gift certificates, a gift certificate for a landscape package, a Cutco gift box, a gift card from the butcher shop, a bicycle, an outdoor fireplace, the St-Bonaventure men’s basketball team, a night basket at home and outdoors, rounds of golf, gift certificates, wine and more.

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“If people log in, they’ll know if they won a basket or not, and then the baskets can be picked up the next day,” Rossi said.

A highlight of the event will be Dan Spring’s virtual honor with the Marion B. Scott Award. The prestigious award is given to volunteers who go above and beyond in their dedication to Genesis House.

Rossi said that whenever someone leaves the Genesis home, Spring will help them move their furniture and belongings, whether they’re from the shelter or stored at a friend’s house, and bring them to the new accommodation. of the resident. She said he would also help them find furniture or things they need.

“Dan is the kind of person who does an amazing service and never asks for a pat on the back and a lot of people don’t even know he does that,” she said. “He comes with a truck and helps people move into their new homes.”

Normally done at the gala itself, Rossi said Genesis House staff would make a video showcasing the award to Spring ahead of time and play it during the live event.

Rossi said the annual event is important to Genesis House because it helps raise much of the funds needed to continue day-to-day operations. She said the grants they receive help support residents who come to the shelter, but the gala funds help with utilities, office supplies, bills and staff payroll.

“This is an opportunity for the community to help support Genesis House and keep this family haven open. It’s the only family shelter in those few counties,” she said.

Rossi said Genesis House is one of the best programs she has seen in her years serving the area because they try to maintain family units and create a family atmosphere at the shelter.

“Churches and people in the community have traditionally supported this program and we can’t begin to thank them enough, but we also need to continue to support the future and keep going,” she said.

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