Fryeburg Fair partners with Dreamland Amusements

Dreamland Amusements — Jumbo Dumbo Ride

By Rachel Andrews Damon

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FRYEBURG – The rides at Fryeburg Fair this fall will be a dream.

Fryeburg Fair is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dreamland Amusements of Long Island, NY to provide midway rides and to book and host midway carnival dealers.

Dreamland Amusements is owned by Bob and Kathy DeStefano, longtime carnival and entertainment professionals. They own over 50 rides and service major county fairs, state fairs, corporate and private events on the East Coast. Dreamland Amusements recently added three new large-scale events to its 2022 schedule, including the Fryeburg Fair.

“We are very honored that after a long interview process, Fryeburg Fair has chosen us to be their intermediary supplier,” said Bob Destefano.

Dreamland Amusements will be bringing around 32 rides to Fryeburg Fair 2022. To name a few – the Super Himalaya, Dreamcatcher, Zipper and Starship. There will be a 93-foot-long Wacky Worm Rollercoaster at Kiddie Land, as well as a Dumbo ride with 10 super large elephants.

“These are family rides basically for two adults and two children. Children nine and under. We also provide light towers, changing tables, more seating,” Destefano said. “We think people will really appreciate everything we bring.”

Dreamland Amusements is an online ticket provider that makes it much easier for consumers to purchase wristbands and packages.

David Andrews, General Superintendent of Fryeburg Fair, said: “We are delighted with this change. This will mean bigger and better offers for our visitors. Dreamland has rides that have never been seen in Maine before. They will cover the same footprint and space as Smokey’s at Fryeburg Fair. I think it’s a great decision.

Fryeburg Fair will be Dreamland Amusements for the first time serving a fair in the state of Maine. Although they own all of their rides, they do not own food and concessions, but they reserve all of them as part of their shows. Current Fryeburg Fair dealers will now book through Dreamland Amusements and can contact the Dreamland office through their website

Bob DeStefano says his phone is always on! “We want all the regular Fryeburg Fair dealers as always,” he said.

Bob and Kathy DeStefano go back several decades in carnival history. Bob started at 16 and Kathy at 14. His grandfather Bill Mince did all the lighting contracts for Coney Island. He then bought Feltman’s company, which was a factory that made Pneumatic BB machine gun sets. Kathy’s father, Charlie Wagner, worked for him and then formed his own carnival on Long Island.

When Wagner’s Carnival appeared in Levittown, Bob said he ran to get a job. He met Kathy and they started dating. Seven years later, they got married. Just before their wedding, Kathy’s parents decided to sell. Bob says they took all their wedding gift envelopes and went to Dallas and bought a Kiddie Land roller coaster. They started Silver Dollar Shows in partnership with others and ran it from 1984 to 2002. When the partnership ended, Dreamland Amusements was formed.

“Between Kathy and I – well, we’ve skyrocketed. We have over 50 rides now. Our show is great, and we’re keeping it that way by staying on top of everything, especially safety, aesthetics and the quality control. Our customers come for the rides and that’s our total business goal,” DeStefano said. “We have great people (over 120). We believe in family and really family comes first. “Without that approach, we can’t do that. Some of our employees, even if they’re not blood family, are like family.”

The DeStefanos have three daughters and five grandchildren, all under the age of four. Two of their daughters work with Dreamland Amusements. Looking back on the DeStefano’s long history in carnivals and entertainment, Bob said, “It was a great ride. »


David Hastings III, President of Fryeburg Fair, added: “Dreamland will bring a fresh look to Fryeburg. We encourage our long-term suppliers to apply to Dreamland. We are very excited about them and think we will have a great show.

Dreamland Amusements concluded its 2021 season with a Christmas festival in Ellenton, Florida.

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