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With spring and summer upon us, it’s time to dust off the old welcome mat (or buy a new one), invite some friends over, and celebrate the season. Organizing a dinner party or a casual evening is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones (finally!), or even to break away from the daily routine. I feel a little rusty and I would like to spice up the night, fast business I got you. Here is 18 unique dinner essentials to enhance your evening.


[Photo: courtesy Joe + Monroe]

Sandalwood Lavandin Candle by Joe + Monroe
To rid your space of any lingering dampness and help set the mood, light a Lavandin Santal candle a few hours before guests arrive. The candle’s delicate aromatic balance of vanilla and lavender will have everyone thinking your home still smells great. Not a fan of these perfumes? Check out the other six Signature Candles from Joe + Monroe.

[Photo: courtesy The Lazy Gardener]

Blooming Becky Flower Vase from The Lazy Gardener
Flowers are always a nice touch. For real conversation, arrange a bouquet from your local florist in one of these gracefully distinctive vases. There are three “Blooming Beckys” to choose from: Sitting Pretty, Pondering Pose, and Contemplative. And think about it, long after your last guest has left, each of these handcrafted beauties will continue to delight you.

[Photo: courtesy Moo]

Luxury Invitation Postcards by MOO
Sure, a chaotic group text will get the word out, but why not make your invitations whimsical with a deluxe customizable postcard. These textured postcards (made from 32-point card stock) come in a set of 25 with your choice of eight stitching colors. Brush up on your graphic design skills or keep it simple; Either way, these postcards will make your guests feel special.

Persian Rug with Animal Print from Society6
To make a lasting first impression, Society6 is offering a welcome mat in this 17and Persian rug print of the century. Available in two sizes, it’s made from loopback vinyl, making it easy to clean and durable against the elements.


[Photo: courtesy Staff]

Kitchen gloves by Staff
It’s the perfect time to ditch your old, worn oven mitts for this pair of cuties in different colors. Unlike cloth gloves that collect dirt, they are made from food grade silicone and are dishwasher safe. Plus, the bow tie smile design will be the perfect pick-me-up until you (finally!) pull off that black bean brownie recipe.

[Photo: courtesy Xenia Taler]

Mixed Graphic Bamboo Dinner Plates by Xenia Taler
Show off your good taste with a set of earth-friendly bamboo fiber dinner plates. Made from Industrial makers cast bamboo scraps, with a ceramic glaze, Xenia Taler’s sustainably sourced dinnerware is lightweight, dishwasher safe and a great way to impress your guests. Create your own mixed set of 6 from dozens of graphic designs.

Salad Monster by Jess Damuck
Salad Monster, the first cookbook by food writer and stylist Jess Damuck, is sure to up your salad game. A random turn to any page would be enough to guide your adventurous culinary vision for the night. With over 100 recipes, from tea-smoked chicken to yellow gazpacho, you’ll leave carnies and vegans satisfied.

Pizza night! Gift box by Foxtrot
Having trouble finding a menu for the evening? Look no further than Foxtrot’s Homemade Pizza Ingredient Kit – dinner and entertainment all in one. Making a pizza together is the perfect activity for an evening with friends (see: turning the dough). And Foxtrot’s emphasis on carefully selected ingredients, including Jacobsen’s Oregon Sea Salt and Spice House’s Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, will have everyone salivating! Includes a 12 inch pizza rocker knife to keep.

[Photo: courtesy Fishwife]

Trio of smoked fish by Fishwife
Please a pesca-hungry crowd with these cans of Smoked Rainbow Trout from Idaho, Smoked Pacific Coast Albacore Tuna and Smoked Atlantic Salmon from Norway. The trio of ready-to-serve fish can make a great appetizer, and Fishwife’s recipe page will help you whip up something in no time.

[Photo: courtesy Found]

Mineral water by Found Bubbly
The Found Bubbly Mineral Water Variety Pack includes 3 bottles of 4 flavors each: Elderflower, Cucumber, Mint, Lemon and Watermelon, enough to delight all your guests. These electrolyte-filled chalices give you all the water you’ll need to balance out a wild night (see: Mezcal coming soon). Test the different flavors, compare impressions and turn the bottles into take-out vases for your guests.

[Photo: courtesy Yola]

Mezcal from Yola
Shake or stir drinks with Yola mezcal. This women-founded, women-run company prides itself on its 400-year-old traditional Oaxacan distillation process, and you can taste the difference. Use mezcal in place of standard tequila in all your favorite drinks, from Palomas to Salty Dogs.


[Photo: courtesy Maisonette]

Maisonette Champagne Problems 500 Piece Puzzle
Take on this boozy brainteaser (after Mezcal, of course) with your friends for a tame starter in the post-dinner part of the evening. Solving a puzzle can be the insane task needed to catch up with your guests’ lives. Or, take it incredibly seriously and complete the puzzle in silence.

JBL Party Box 110
Let the party begin with this JBL Partybox 110. Even if you have your First Hour of Dinner Party playlist prepared in the background, it’s time to turn up the volume! This Bluetooth-enabled, light-synced, and splash-proof speaker is sure to let everyone on the block know how to have a good time. Or plug in your favorite instrument for a harmony singing session.

[Photo: courtesy Burke Decor]

Yatzy by Burke Decor
There’s nothing more entertaining than a game of Yatzy! You and your friends can return to your childhood Yahtzee world that rolls dice, builds tension, and produces screams, but with a stylish (adult) twist. Burke Decor’s minimalist version includes blue dice, a pair of matching scoring pencils, and a simply classic scoring sheet. Let the games begin!

Playing Cards by David Shrigley
Whether it’s spades, cribbage, slapjack or poker, this 54 playing card deck will tastefully enhance the game you love. Designed and illustrated by David Shrigley, the entire game is comprised of black suits only. In other words, every spade, heart, diamond and club is “the color of Shrigley’s sense of humor”. And yes, as you will see, the “fucking ace” does not back down.


[Photo: courtesy West of Breakfast]

Pajama sets by West of Breakfast
Clean up your house in style by slipping on one of West of Breakfast’s multicolored pajama sets. Choose from 7 different sets, including The Fun One, Charming One, Flirty One and Wild One, to match your hosting vibe. These lightweight pajamas will see you through the morning with a big smile.

[Photo: courtesy Experiment Beauty]

Avant Guard Face Mask by Experiment Beauty
Avoid unnecessary single-use masks (which never seem to work, anyway) and invest in a mask that will last and last. Use one of your tried-and-true moisturizers or serums to refresh before bed. Enjoy the radiant glow after use and pat yourself on the back for a night well done.

[Photo: courtesy Kin Euphorics]

Dream Light by Kin Euphorics
What a night! Your weeks of planning were worth it, and now you’re gassed. For an ethereal transition to bedtime, pour yourself a glass of Kin Euphoric’s Dream Light. This special infusion of melatonin, reishi mushroom and other soothing spices will lull you to a well-deserved night’s rest.

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