Family Who Was Scammed For Wrestling Tickets Receives Surprise Gift From WWE

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – The walls in her bedroom speak volumes. For Demetrius Trotter, wrestling is his life.

“Well, he started wrestling when he was young. I started letting him watch,” his mother Karen said. “So every time I go to Walmart they always want a DVD.”

But Demetrius is a fighter in his own right – the 43-year-old has cerebral palsy.

“They told me Demetrius wasn’t going to live longer than five months, they told me he wasn’t going to live longer than a year,” Karen said.

When she heard WWE was coming to town, she jumped at the chance to buy tickets for her son Demetrius.

“As far as he goes into the community to do different activities and things like anybody else, he’s not able to do that because he can’t use his hands, he’s not not able to feed and do for himself,” Karen said. .

So she Googled Ticketmaster and called a number she thought was the company’s, but the number turned out to be a scam. The operator stole $250 from Karen.

This is where they thought the story would end, but it caught the attention of many, including eyes in WWE. A surprise phone call from a WWE representative resulted in the Trotters receiving free tickets to SummerSlam along with a box full of t-shirts.

Surrounded by his family, Demetrius’ dream came true – they sat just yards from the ring during Saturday night’s show.

The Trotters may be the victims of a scam, but Karen said their story is proof of all the good that still exists. “I will always remember and be grateful that he came,” Karen said.

Now it looks like Demetrius needs to find more space on his walls after his con story turned into a dream at SummerSlam. “He wants the belt, he wants the necklace, he wants everything,” Karen laughed. “He said he wanted it all.”

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