Doja Cat sings ‘contractually’ about Taco Bell’s long-lost Mexican pizza

Doja Cat and Taco Bell’s collaboration might be the best when it comes to celebrity endorsement deals. While marketing strategies usually include an overwhelming amount of support, it seems to go hand in hand with hate. And it works.

Less than 24 hours ago, the singer posted a video on TikTok singing about the company’s dropped “MexicanPizza,” where Doja looks in pain claiming she likes the jingle. At the time of this publication, his TikTok has been viewed over 13 million times with over 3.5 million likes.

The jingle is actually extremely catchy despite the disdain in Doja’s voice. Fans left comments such as “is this against your will”, “this can’t be real” and “Doja…baby it’s okay.” They also left comments as “contractual”, referring to a video she made before warning her fans about the jingle with the caption, “someone being insulted”.

Doja shared a selfie-style makeup-free video in bed, “I fucking have to do this – you have to be quiet though, you can’t tell anyone I told you this – I have to do this f***ing TikTok where I like…everyone keeps calling it a jingle. It’s for Taco Bell, and I gotta do this fucking jingle,” she said, explaining that she banned the word “jingle” within his team.

“But I have to do a jingle, they want me to rap about Mexican Pizza, so I just want to give you a warning before you see this shit – it’s contractual. I know it’s bad,” she whispered into the camera. Of course, with 20 million followers, the singer doesn’t expect anyone to see the video. Taco Bell’s TikTok account commented on Doja’s video writing “I’m pretty sure the jingle was your idea,” along with a thinking face emoji. This video has been viewed nearly 9 million times to date and has over 2 million likes. Further proof, the marketing is brilliant.

Doja even “leaked” the Super Bowl ad for the fast food chain on one of his TikTok live streams before it aired. Screen recordings of the live show she had over 82,000 viewers when she showed the ad. Taco Bell’s account was watching the stream leaving comments like “uhhhh” and “that’s not part of the plan, but…”

All in all, Mexican pizza is sure to return, and we’ll likely get a lot more Doja Cat and Taco Bell antics in our future.

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