Does Lowe’s give away $100 gift cards via email?

In early 2022, we reviewed scam emails that displayed the name and logo of home improvement store chain Lowe’s and promised a $100 gift card to each person completing a survey.

A subject line read, “You have been randomly selected!” Another said: “Your email has been selected!” Both emails showed a white $100 gift card with a Lowe’s logo:

The fraudulent email contained a screenshot of the text rather than the text itself.

The body of the email read as follows:


You can get a $100 Lowe’s gift card

Your opinion is important !

Take a short survey to claim your $100 Lowe’s Reward –
Click below to start


10620 NW 123 Street Road Unit 102, Medley, Florida, 33178

It was all a scam. The link in the email led to the Russian website The mailing address listed at the bottom of the email appeared to be unrelated to Lowe’s. We saw the same Russian website and mailing address in a similar scam we covered about UPS. It is unclear how the address could be linked to the email scam.

We previously reported another email scam involving Lowe’s that was somewhat similar to this one.

Curious about how the writers at Snopes verify information and craft their stories for public consumption? We’ve put together a few posts that help explain how we do what we do. Happy reading and let us know what else you would like to know.

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