‘Devastated’: 15 fire victims mourned at Bronx service

Ms James spoke next, hammering home the theme of neglect. “We know that death is something we all have to look forward to one day, but we also say that the individuals for the neglect of this building and for so many fires in the Bronx must be held accountable,” she said. declared, as the crowd shouted. “Allahu akbar” or “God is great”.

“No individual should be forced to have heaters, no individual should have doors that don’t close,” Ms James said. “There were conditions in this building that should have been corrected.”

“Amin! shouted the crowd.

During the service, Imam Musa Kabba said he struggled to control his emotions as he listed the names of the families – Dukuray, Drammeh, Jambang, Konteh, Tunkara, Toure – who were decimated by the fire.

“When the Lord asks for something, we have no choice but to accept,” he said, adding, “I try to control myself.”

Relatives began to sob quietly.

“My heart is done,” said 33-year-old Yahya Sankara. He had lost his sister Fatoumata Tunkara and two young nephews, Omar Jambang and Ousmane Konteh.

Omar was 6 years old. Ousmane only had 2.

Ms Sillah, who expected to celebrate a cousin’s wedding this weekend alongside Ms Drammeh and her family, struggled to deal with her grief. On Saturday evening, she passed the Twin Parks building.

“It was a place that used to be very busy, and every Gambian family in the community had someone living in the apartment,” she said. “It’s a sad, sad place right now.”

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