Couple injured after falling from swing at Raipur wedding | look

A couple from Raipur were injured when a swing broke during their wedding.

Couple falling down swing at wedding in Raipur. (Screenshot of the video)

It is wedding season in India and couples are looking for innovative ways to make their ceremony big. It has been noted that event planners come up with flashy ideas for the bride and groom to make their entrance. Chariots, rotating platforms and swings, weddings these days have seen it all.

A couple from Raipur from Chhattisgarh were injured when one of these wedding gadgets went horribly wrong, according to a report. A video of the incident went viral.

The video shows a future married couple on an oval-shaped swing with lots of fireworks around the stage and dancers in the background. Suddenly the harness breaks and the couple collapse as the guests are seen screaming and running towards the stage.


The couple reportedly fell from a height of 12 feet and sustained minor injuries. Aside from the incident, the wedding rituals continued after 30 minutes.

The event management company would have taken full responsibility for the abnormal accident.

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