Commercial Feature: Cold Creek Nurseries

November 1 — With the holiday season just around the corner, the experiences Cold Creek Nurseries provide to the local community have been on the minds of the staff.

By bringing together items that share the rich history and values ​​of creating peace, refuge and connection for their clients, Cold Creek wanted to make this experience accessible to those inside and outside the Aiken-Augusta region.

Cold Creek Nurseries has created five uniquely themed gift sets that will launch on November 1 to share with family and friends local and far away. Each box presents a variety of different products according to their theme. These gift boxes include the Southern Comfort box, the Southern Breakfast box, the Honey Bee Good box, the Belle box and finally the Beau box.

The inside flap of each box contains a brief history of the humble beginnings of Cold Creek Nurseries. He especially notes his passion for culture and the love of horticulture that Cold Creek has maintained since its beginnings in 1977.

“We believe this is a very tasteful, elegant and attractive gift that anyone can be proud to send to any individual for a business, wedding or vacation,” said Bill Tiszai, owner of Cold Creek.

Each box is filled with products selected by local businesses in the South. These products from the Carolinas and Georgia highlight the Southeast experience in a memorable way.

The boxes also contain a packet of seeds. Cold Creek Nurseries is hoping their customers will plant them and enjoy watching them grow.

“It’s a great gift for someone who has it all, it’s an experience you can have as a family,” said Rebecca Vigné, marketing for Cold Creek.

To order a Cold Creek Nurseries gift box, visit their website at

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