Chocolate Notes: Hazelnut Treats with All the Extras | Chocolate

I can’t resist chocolate covered nuts. They are, in my opinion, the most perfect pairings and I think it’s good to eat tons of them (see also: Peanut M&Ms) because they are nuts, and nuts are healthy .

So I was excited to try Nuts of Paz‘ nut offerings. Paz mainly makes premium nut products – think cashews and honey roasted almonds – but also a small range of chocolate covered nuts. They come in cute little glass jars with bamboo lids – another great reason to buy these chocolate nuts (“It’s not just chocolate and nuts, it’s a useful jar!”) My favorite was the honey roasted pecans in dark chocolate, £8.50.

To melt launched a Mix Slab Box, five different roughly cut chocolate slabs in one box (£19.99, 200g). I was not a fan of three of the slabs but two of them were fantastic, namely the white blonde with caramelized almonds, which was first class, and the black with hazelnuts. You can only order these if you visit the London stores, phone to place an order or specify in online inquiries (where you enter your address). The dark hazelnut slab is also available on its own (£16, 200g).

Melt’s Summer Collection gift set (from £18 for 10) also produced a standout in the form of Apricot Toffee and Rosemary. The other chocolates in the box are the coconut (think posh mini Bounty bars) and the summer fruit pie and they were okay but not my favorite. Again, you can ask for a whole box of just the apricot caramels, which had a really unusual and delicate flavor. Or visit a store in person and buy one for £1.70.

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