Castlemaine Mail digital subscriptions: six good reasons to sign up today

Visitors to have always been able to enjoy short extracts of our unique local stories, but with our updated website and new digital subscription options, readers will be able to get so much more. There are so many good reasons to become a digital subscriber to the Mail from Castlemaine.

  1. Get full digital editions

Never miss an edition of the Mail, conveniently emailed weekly to your inbox. Visit our Digital Editions section to read the paper exactly as it is printed, on any device. Enjoy the latest edition or browse recent back issues.

  1. Access to all articles, latest news and bonus content

Stay up to date with happenings around our community – wherever you are – with our breaking news content and bonus content you can’t get in the newspaper.

  1. Show your support for local journalism

The Castlemaine Courier has played a vital role in our region since 1854, and we want it to be that way. Purchasing a digital subscription is a wonderful way to ensure the strength of our local independent newspaper.

  1. Dematerialize for the environment

At Castlemaine Courier, we all want to help the environment. And while last week’s newspaper might be great for lighting the winter fire, a digital subscription is a surefire way to reduce your environmental footprint each week.

  1. Prices and special offers from local businesses

We like to reward our digital subscribers with exclusive contests for event tickets and other goodies, as well as special offers from our advertisers. You have to be in to win it, so subscribe today!

  1. A unique gift for any occasion

Our 6-month and annual subscriptions can be given as a gift to a lucky recipient who loves their local newspaper. Simply register with your name and check the gift box on the form. Then put the name of your recipient.

Check out our subscription options below:

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