Camryn Grimes and Cait Fairbanks talk about Y&R’s first-ever same-sex marriage (VIDEO)

Weddings are a mainstay of the soap opera, and while other daytime sudsers have had their share of LGBTQ+ unions in recent years, the CBS feature The young and the restless finally joins the wedding of Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes).

“It’s like we really got married, isn’t it?” laughs Grimes, during his conversation with his co-star Fairbanks with TV Insider. Fairbanks adds that it’s been a four-year build-up for the fan-favorite couple, with the usual soap hurdles along the way that have deterred them from achieving that goal.

As for the wedding itself, will “Teriah” follow the usual Y&R tradition of glamor and sophistication with a few doses of drama? Don’t count on it. “I think it’s really energetic and doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Grimes says. “We’re wacky and quirky, and I think our wedding is going to be beautiful but fun and eclectic, just like Mariah and Tessa.”

Expect a glamorous ’70s theme for the wedding, and Grimes and Fairbanks say guests are stepping it up in the costume department. And, yes, we’ll see some of the soap opera regulars make a few moves at the reception. “Josh was definitely dancing!” says Grimes of his co-star Joshua Morrow (Nick).

Grimes and Fairbanks also spoke about the length of happy times for Teriah. “Happy for now,” says Fairbanks. After all, on a daytime soap opera, drama always reigns.

The young and the restless, weekdays, check local listings, CBS; also Paramount+

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