Buy iPhone 13 and get £100 FREE from O2; check this interesting offer

The iPhone 13 deal on O2 will let you own the device and set you back £100 for free! Sound interesting? Check this iPhone deal here.

Apple launched its flagship phone, the iPhone 13 series, in September 2021, with a starting price of £779 for the 128GB storage variant. Several improvements have been made over its predecessor, the iPhone 12. Most prominently is the latest and most powerful A15 Bionic chipset. Moreover, Apple chose to drop the 64GB variant for the same and even offered the base 128GB version at the same retail price. Of course, the iPhone 13, even its plain vanilla variant, isn’t cheap at all. This prevents many people from buying the phone. However, what if we tell you that you can buy an iPhone 13 with a bunch of extra benefits and still get a £100 straight refund for free?

It’s entirely possible ! UK mobile operator O2 will be giving away gift cards worth £100 when you sign up for one of their plans when buying the iPhone 13. Well, there’s a whole lot more than a simple gift card in this offer. so, check it out completely.

iPhone 13 on O2

With the 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display and power derived from the latest A15 Bionic chip, the iPhone 13 with 128GB of storage can be yours with a £100 freebie claim. But before you get excited, you have to know that first. O2 will ask you to pay £21.39 for the device as well as £27.99 for the airtime of the 150GB data plan. Note that this is a pre-built plan which will apply for 36 months. However, O2 offers the option to change the contract to suit yourself to run the plan for a shorter period or allow you to pay more or less.

Not only that, the O2 plan for 150GB will allow you to roam free of charge in 75 different countries, including the United States. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a three-year warranty and up to six months of Apple Music for free! You can read the full agreement here.

An interesting offer? Don’t wait for it to get meatier because O2 is offering this crazy deal on the iPhone 13 for a limited time only. So if you’re concerned about the iPhone 13, check out this deal now.

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