Brides delayed by pandemic return to aisle | Community alert

A year after the start of the pandemic, more and more people are rushing to the altar, sending out invitations and getting tied up across the country.

In New Braunfels, people are booking weddings right now and even in 2022 and 2023.

According to the Associated Press, the David’s Bridal chain has more than 300,000 dresses in stock due to lack of reservations last year.

Swanee Browning, author of the New Braunfels Wedding Guide, said the influx of bookings is great for business and for bringing couples together again.

“The brides are so excited to be planning their dream big wedding again so I think the brides are excited to go out and see what’s available,” she said.

More and more brides are booking weddings and going to wedding salons to see wedding cakes, venues and decorating ideas.

“The wedding industry in New Braunfels is in full swing,” said Browning. “The places are brides on tour. Yesterday I was visiting a room manager and she is so excited to report that she had four reservations yesterday. It is very exciting to see.

She said there is no shortage of amazing places in New Braunfels and the great Hill Country.

“There is no reason for a bride to look beyond the Hill Country to plan the wedding of their dreams,” said Browning.

Village Venue managing partner Jeremy Rader said that at the height of the pandemic they had very few reservations.

After more people have been vaccinated and after “offering season” – Christmas time – they are busier than ever.

“The event business was broken, like you were a restaurant with live music events, it was broken,” Rader said. “The phone doesn’t just ring three or four times, the phone rings all the time. “

Rader said many people have to plan their weddings at places where they put down a deposit. Village Venue had let people cancel their marriage even with a down payment.

He said he had heard that some venues were fully booked, letting people book weddings for whatever is available.

“What I find funny is that weddings are usually on Saturdays, on Fridays you have rehearsal dinners,” Rader said. “Now there are weddings on Thursdays and Fridays. I find it a little strange that all these people whose marriages have been put off a year and are waiting to do it call us up and say, “We have a wedding in two weeks” like who has a wedding in two weeks? “

Rader said the schedule depends on who calls first and will adapt to people whenever possible. They will even have two weddings at a time, one downstairs and another upstairs.

The venue can accommodate up to 400 people, including outdoor spaces.

Village Venue is now gearing up for some upcoming wedding shows.

“We get four and five weddings per show, which is really strong considering the cost of the shows – going to a booth is about $ 2,000,” Rader said. “It is worth getting your name known and in front of brides who love to go to wedding shows.”

As more and more people come out and get married, Rader said it makes him happy.

“Weddings are essential,” Rader said. “It makes me feel good to see people together. We truly have a servant’s heart here at Village Venue. We want to see people at their best served here.

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