Bride calls off wedding after fiancé says no to vegan meal

No other day matches the joy and elation that people feel on their wedding days. No matter where they come from or what culture they belong to, weddings call for an occasion where people experience an unparalleled sense of happiness. However, modern times see a common occurrence of couples calling it quits seconds before saying “I do”.

Internet users have witnessed everything from a bride refusing to get married because the groom has a dark complexion to a man calling off a wedding after his bride danced to a “controversial” song.

A woman recently made the decision to call off her wedding because her fiancé insisted on having no vegan meal options.

As reported by New York Posta user named SarahJake2022 took to Reddit and shared the incident. The post drew plenty of comments from Redditors, many of whom told the bride-to-be to recognize the “giant red flags” and “get out before it’s too late.”

“There wasn’t much we disagreed about when planning the wedding except the food. My family and I are vegan and there are so many reasons why we chose this lifestyle and one of them is that we have a history of health issues,” the user wrote on Reddit.

She added that she didn’t exactly disagree with her fiancé and his family’s lifestyle choices, but that they were “totally opposed” because they were “big meat eaters”.

However, the man objected to her request and said adding ‘four or five vegan options to the menu’ would only be a ‘waste of money’ as vegan food was not on the menu. “real food”.

“I declined to discuss this and said it was final,” she wrote. “The other day I found out he had canceled all the vegan options and removed them completely from the menu and behind my back. I was seething. I called him at work but he hung up on me.

“I went straight to his workplace and confronted him there and just turned on him. He was amazed to see me. He first said it was his mother’s idea, then told me to go home because I was making a scene at the office.

Later, the two had a falling out and it got so heated that the wedding had to be called off.

According to the article, she posted a second update on Reddit and announced the decision, adding that the matter was past the negotiation stage.

Most Redditors praised the bride’s decision, saying she did the right thing because the man seemed disrespectful and manipulative.

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