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A boy gave his teacher an old shoebox as a birthday present, while other children gave him more sophisticated gifts. They ridiculed him for his audacity until they saw what was in the box.

Tom was a young boy whose life was a struggle. He was always dirty, his hair still messy, and he wasn’t interested in studying. His teacher Mrs. Janet Lewis had just been assigned to her class, and she was taking perverse pleasure in using her red pen with him.

“Horrible work! She would write with fanfare.

She would also add the corrections he needed to make while giving him a ton of homework in an effort to help him improve his performance.

When Janet saw no improvement in Tom’s job, she decided to check his transcript to see where he had started to decline so she could find a way to curb him. What she found opened her eyes to a lot.

For example, she learned that in Grade 1 Tom showed promise as a good student, but that he had a bad family situation, a situation that was a huge distraction for him.

In grade 2, she heard about her poor learning efforts. According to the report, Tom could have done better; however, her mother was seriously ill-intentioned, so there was little help from home.

Things got worse as Tom got older.

In third grade, the report described Tom as a good kid with trouble concentrating in school. Sadly, her mother had passed away by then.

Tom’s grades went downhill in grade 4; he was barely in school, and when he took lessons he behaved very slowly and got really bad grades. Besides, his father was not interested in him.

Janet left the archive room with a heavy heart. She felt saddened by how quickly she had written her callous remarks on her assessment scripts.

She tried to convince herself that she would have done better if she had known the difficulties the boy was facing, but her conscience continued to prick her. All she could do was promise to pay more attention to Tom.

On the last day of the school year, it was a tradition for the children of Tom’s school to present their respective guardians with gifts to thank them for their service.

This happened every year and the kids couldn’t wait to outdo each other with their gifts as the teacher unwrapped them in front of their eyes.

That year, Tom gave Janet a box wrapped in inexpensive wrapping paper. Regarding her gift, Janet gently tore off the wrapping paper to reveal an old shoebox.

Everyone who saw him burst out laughing because he looked so ragged and dirty that they were sure he must have been stolen from a trash can.

Janet silenced them with a clap before starting to open the box. It contained a garish rhinestone bracelet with a few missing stones and a half-empty bottle of Dimestore cologne.

The bracelet was a beautiful piece of jewelry even with its missing stones, and it tugged at Janet’s heart. Then she heard the snickers and whispers and laughter of the other children.

They always ridiculed Tom for presenting such a poor present. However, Janet had a contrary opinion.

“Isn’t that beautiful? she said out loud. “Tom, be nice and help me put this on.”

“Alright ma’am,” Tom said timidly before stepping forward to place the bracelet on his wrist.

Then Janet dabbed some cologne behind her ears and commented on how beautiful it made her feel. Soon all the little girls wanted to feel the same, and they lined up for a touch behind their ears too.

This is how Janet managed to keep Tom from being ridiculed. Later, after the other children left, Tom approached her.

“You just smell like mom,” he said softly. “His bracelet looks great on you too. I’m glad you liked it,” he said, then left quickly.

Her words rocked Janet’s world, and it made her determined to do well with Tom. To this end, she began to invite him to her home for an extra class during the summer.

When school resumed for the next school year, Tom showed significant improvement in his schoolwork. This encouraged Janet, who intensified their meetings.

Every afternoon after school closed, she stayed in class with him to help him with things he didn’t understand. It was during private coaching that she realized that Tom was a smart but slow learner.

She worked on not putting too much pressure on him and the results were amazing. Slowly but surely he caught up with the rest of the class, and after the final exams he didn’t repeat the fifth grade.

His final average was indeed among the highest in his class. It was as far as Janet had gone with him because after finishing fifth grade, Tom disappeared with his nonchalant father.

Janet did not hear from her for seven years, after which she received her first letter. In it, he wrote that he would graduate second in his class the following year and let her know things were going well for him.

Four years passed before she received another letter from him. He revealed in the letter that he was leading his class as the top student and would be the top student to graduate from college the following year.

When Janet received the third letter, she came with an invitation.

“Dear Mrs. Lewis,” he said. “I wanted you to be the first to know. As of today, I’m Thomas Smith, MD And this !! ?? Good, right? And that’s not even half. November 22 So I wanted to ask you if you could come and give me because my dad and mom are both passed away, and there is no one I would rather have sat in the family aisle than you, who have me born when I was a young child. me and by extension my wife very happy if you did. Really yours, Tom Smith. ”

Janet accepted the offer and she showed up to the party wearing her best dress. For the ceremony, she sat down where her mother sat, and that made Tom a very happy man.

He never forgot what Janet did for him as a child, and he made sure she didn’t do it as well.

What have we learned from this story?

  • Appreciation goes a long way. Janet could have joined her class in ridiculing Tom’s shabby gift, but instead she ended the joke and made him feel overwhelmed for giving her such a gift. It spared Tom the emotional trauma.
  • Do good when you can. Janet helped Tom with his academic failures by taking his precious time to guide him through things he didn’t understand. It helped him overcome his failure and he never forgot her even after leaving their town.

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