Bookmark these decoration ideas to spruce up your wedding entrance aisle

An ornate entrance walkway creates the perfect ambiance for the wedding ceremony and ensures a chic start to your big day. Oh, and think of the buzz it creates for photos while winning the hearts of your guests and friends. The wedding entrance and the walkway are the very first thing your guests notice and to make the very first impression boldly, it is extremely important to take care of the details and the accessories you use. Here we bring you spectacular entrance decoration ideas that will amaze your guests and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

The glamorous mirror floor

Mirror floors have been touted to incorporate a glamorous feel to your nuptials. Not only does it add an undeniable grace to the overall decor, but it also reflects the incredible lighting and other elements, further transforming your entrance passageway into more magical and dreamy. To enchant the decor, you can cover the roof with flowers or stunning lighting so that it mimics the mirrored floor and leaves room for pixie pictures.

Tropical ropes to reinvigorate

Lush greens are returning to wedding decor with a hint of refreshing freshness. Strings of green foliage are not only prominent for affixing sheer natural beauty, but they are also known to keep you fresh and energized, especially in summer. You can mix strings of green with strings of pastel floras to shape an exceptional touch.

The white flowers with a classic yellow light

If you want to opt for this cute yet minimal entryway decor, the matching white flowers will look chic and sophisticated while the accompaniment of chunky yellow bulbs strung downwards will make way for a fairytale look. You can also use a square cutting frame covered in greenery as a border to enhance the whole. Be sure to keep the length of the bulbs random or the perfect timing will kill the mood.

The white flowers with a classic yellow light

Chunky pom poms with glittery ruffles

A little glitter goes a long way with you. Not only do they eclipse your entryway, but they also please the eye while acting perfectly for glamorous Pinterest-inspired images. You can choose two colors according to your theme and repeat them throughout your entry. What else? They are also affordable! Pastel pink and silver will go well together. If you want a bold and dramatic effect, you can also opt for purple and silver.

Perfectly ornate entrances are a great way to lighten the mood and mark the first impression of your venue in style. Decide on a theme and choose items based on it to avoid a messy look.

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