Best baskets of liquor, chocolate and more

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The big day of love is fast approaching – and by fast approaching, we mean it’s in approx. 16 days, folks. So, it’s at this point that you should really think about what to get that special someone in your life. Flowers, chocolates, alcohol…yes, the ideas are endless, but if you’re indecisive like me and can’t decide between all the options, may I suggest these gift baskets for you? Valentine’s day ?

This way you can combine all the best pressie ideas into one cute box and tie it all up in a cute little bow. How’s that for covering all your bases?

The best Valentine’s Day gift baskets

Oh Baby Cocktail Set, $140

The perfect Valentine’s night starts with a cheeky cocktail (or five), and with this Mr. Consistent gift set – which includes cosmo mix, sour mix, baby pink gin and some cocktail flowers – there will be many go around.

Shop the Oh Baby Cocktail Pack ($140) here.

The Grand Oz Gift Basket, $100

valentines day gift boxes

Host the feast of your life this V-Day with the help of this well-stocked gourmet basket. There are crackers, there are biscotti and there is vino. All you have to do is supply your own perishables like meat and cheese.

Purchase the Grand Oz Gift Basket ($100) here.

The Country Grower, $140

valentines day gift boxes

Give something to the person you love and help support small businesses at the same time. This basket is perfect for the sweet tooth in your life as it’s filled with amazing products sourced directly from producers nationwide, including drinking chocolate and sticky balsamic.

Buy The Country Producer ($140) here.

Relaxation Deluxe Gift Set, $64.27

valentines day gift boxes

Treat yourself to relaxation this Valentine’s Day with this beautiful basket containing a Relaxing Candle, Lavender Mist Spray, Eye Mask and Bath Bomb.

Purchase the Relaxation Deluxe Gift Set ($64.27) here.

Four Pillars Gin and Chocolate Basket, $199

valentines day gift boxes

This very special curation of Koko Black chocolate has been thoughtfully paired with the delicious Pavlova gin from Four Pillars. It’s the most delicious collab you could get your hands on.

Buy the Four Pillars Gin and Chocolate Basket ($199) here.

The Dark Side Basket, $99

If your partner is a dark chocolate lover, this is their ideal gift. From salty to crunchy and everything in between, there are so many delicious bites to be had.

Shop the Dark Side Basket ($99) here.

Donut treat box, $69

If your idea of ​​a perfect night is to stay indoors, snuggle up, watch movies, and eat solid treats, make this dessert donut box the thoughtful finishing touch to your epic V-Day movie night. .

Shop the Donut Dessert Treat Box ($69) here.

Gin Tasting Gift Basket, $99

Snacking on chocolate with a gin and tonic in hand is the perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day. This box contains everything you need, right down to the lime filling.

Purchase the Gin Tasting Gift Basket ($99) here.

valentine Luxury Picnic basket, $219

valentines day gift boxes

This box includes a bottle of Chandon, all the cheese board essentials you might need, your very own picnic mat and much more. All you have to do now is pick a park and bring along that ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for an unforgettable afternoon.

Shop the Valentine’s Day Deluxe Picnic Hamper ($219) here.

Valentine’s Beer and Sock Basket, $129

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes

Five refreshing beers and five pairs of fun socks – one great all-wrapped gift. As far as gift baskets for men go, this one is excellent.

Shop this Valentine’s Beer Cart and Socks ($129) here.

Sparkling Tower of Love Basket, $129

valentines day gift boxes

This box is discreet but extremely special. It has everything you need for a night to remember, from a cheeky bubbly to a heart-shaped chocolate bouquet.

Shop the Sparkling Tower of Love Basket ($129) here.

Royal Albert Valentine’s Day Basket, $285

This basket can take you from day to night, starting with a delicious cup of freshly brewed tea and ending with a bottle of Moët. Plus, the plate is something you can keep forever as a reminder of your amazing celebrations.

Shop the Royal Albert Valentine Basket ($285) here.

Relaxation and Pleasure Set for Men, $139

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes

Bourbon skincare, a plush dress, and sweet treats — you’ll no doubt find yourself in her good books for this one.

Shop the Men’s Relax and Indulge Set ($139) here.

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Basket, $169

This gift basket has been specially designed for maximum indulgence and relaxation. Luxurious skincare, scented candles, vanilla almonds and a pure silk sleeping mask, it’s the perfect way to relax and heal.

Shop the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Basket ($169) here.

Valentine’s Beer Basket, $109.99

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes
Picture: Brewquets

If you’re at a loss for what to get her for Valentine’s Day, you can never go wrong with a few beers. Nine craft beers and the snacks that go with them sound like a good time to us.

Buy the Valentine Beer Cart ($109.99) here.

Tasmanian Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift, $83

Tasmanian soap, hand cream and gourmet fudge – all the best parts of this amazing place are right here in this box.

Shop the Tasmanian Valentine’s Beauty Gift ($83) here.

There you have it, the best gift baskets online for Valentine’s Day. We suggest ordering them quickly though, just to make sure your goods will arrive when V-Day actually arrives.

If you’re reading this a bit late and there are not just weeks until the big day, but only days (or hours), check out this handy last-minute gift guide, so you don’t go home with your hands full. empty.

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