Bapuji and GK’s advice for Anupama

MUMBAI: Malvika returns to Shah’s house and apologizes to everyone for coming out in anger. GK and Bapuji laugh as they discuss that she apologizes for even speaking correctly. Toshu asks why they are laughing like teenagers. Samar calls them giggloos. Malvika said, let’s enjoy the party. Anuj thanks Anu for convincing Malvika as a bhabhi. She hesitates and walks away. Bapuji and GK take her aside and ask her to accept his love for Anuj. They say when they both love each other, which keeps him from moving forward. Anu says mukku, she wants the differences between Anuj and Mukku to be cleared up first. Bapuji says the problems will be there for life, she shouldn’t wait for good luck and Christmas is the best time to express her feelings. Anu thinks they are right, even Mr. Shah said the same. The camera focuses on an envelope in Anuj’s pocket.

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Samar and Mamaji announce a match. Malvika stops them and says Toshu wants to say something. Toshu feels guilty for humiliating Anu earlier and apologizes to her. Anu hugs him with emotion and forgives him. Pakhi applauds. Toshu says his speech is not over yet and tells Anu that his advice was just that Mom / Rakhi’s intentions are not true, he promises to correct all his mistakes and become a Toshu that Kinjal loved. Kinjal also hugs him happily. Pakhi applauds again. He says his speech is not over yet and says life gave him another chance, dad and Malvika offered him a job. Kavya believes that Kapadia has opened a career fair for these unemployed people. Toshu asks Pakhi to clap now. She says she doesn’t want to now. Kinjal applauds followed by others. Anu says that when she can start over, anyone can do it; his son is the most competent. Kavya becomes more jealous and chatty. Anu thanks Toshu for giving her a
best Christmas present. Anuj congratulates Toshu and thinks he has a present for Mukku which he will give at exactly 12 o’clock.

Pakhi and Samar demand gifts from Santa Claus. Mamaji jokes and gives Samar a gift box. Samar opens the box and says it’s empty. Mamaji says he forgot to add a gift. They then check GK and Bapuji’s gift boxes and even find them empty. Bapuji says they have their blessings and their love. Nandini says they receive love and blessings daily and needed a gift today. They then all dance to Rock N Roll Soniye .. song. Everyone shows their dancing skills. Vanaj tries to dance around Anu, but Malvika pushes him away. After the dance session, Samar starts a game and says that the contestants will be blindfolded and receive a garland which they will have to put around the necks of the others and ask for a gift. Bapuji jokes that they should escape from Pakhi as she will demand a cell phone. Baa warns not to demand a gift of more than 100 rupees from her. Mamaji calls her a miser.

Kavya asks what is the logic behind this stupid game. Malvika says there is a time and wonders where Santa Claus stays. Anu says in their house that they are all Santa Claus and gives him a moral gyaan. Vanraj says, let’s get started. Kavya asks since when he started playing. Vanraj says he’s learned to play much bigger games now. All are blindfolded and hold garlands. Kavya thinks she knows what to ask V. Anuj thinks he will ask Mukku not to leave him. Anu thinks she will seek Anuj’s love.

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