Australia Zoo announces new wedding business venture amid rumors Terri Irwin is trying to sell

australia zoo has just announced that he will now rent his land to couples wishing to use it as a wedding venue.

This new business venture comes just days after rumors surfaced online that the zoo was struggling financially and that Terri Irwincurrent owner, was considering selling the business.

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The Australia Zoo posted on its official Instagram a photo of Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler Powell on their wedding day, which took place at the zoo in 2020, and explained in the caption that other couples can now also get married there.

“Tie the knot in our world famous #AustraliaZoo park with our beautiful animals.”

“Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate experience or a larger-scale event, we have the perfect location for your wedding celebrations,” the caption reads.

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Fans immediately reacted positively to the news, taking to the comments section to express their excitement.

One user commented, “I would literally fake a whole relationship to have a wedding here,” while another wrote, “What a cute idea.”

Terri has kept Australia Zoo in pristine condition since her late husband, the Australian legend, Steve Irwin died 16 years ago.

However, Terri is soon approaching 60 and a well-placed insider has revealed that she plans to retire soon.

This obviously raises the question of what will happen to the zoo once Terri steps back.

The insider claims that since Bindi is busy being the mother of her one-year-old daughter, Grace, she won’t want to take over the family business.



“It’s a good time to [Bindi]and Terri doesn’t want to burden him with the pressure of running the family zoo,” the source claimed.

This apparently led Terri to consider selling Australia Zoo.

“Terri even privately wondered if she should sell – the profits would be more than enough for them all to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.”

However, Terri and Steve’s son Robert is extremely opposed to it.

“Robert is begging Terri to pass him Australia Zoo,” the insider said.

“He told Terri and Bindi that it would make more sense for him to take over. He would do anything to ensure that his father’s zoo and the realization of all his mother’s hard work would stay in the family.

New Idea has contacted Australia Zoo for comment.

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