Artist’s quarantine project on display at daughter’s Ridgefield wedding

RIDGEFIELD – A local artist’s quarantine project was presented to dozens of wedding guests on Friday as Tara-Marie Lynch and Ryan Bares prepared to tie the knot.

The ceremony took place at the Keeler Tavern Museum. Her expansive green spaces and illustrious gardens were central to Judi Lynch’s paintings, which she spent “countless hours” commissioning over the past year as a wedding present for her daughter.

“My mother had studied art and art history and always had a brush … in her hand,” Lynch said. “She originally made these paintings as something for us, but I urged her to exhibit them.”

The gallery of original artwork has been assembled in the Cass Gilbert Carriage Barn, which is primarily used for museum exhibits. Lynch explained that her mother had visited the 4-acre site throughout the pandemic to paint the patterns as its colors changed from season to season.

“I thought ‘everyone should enjoy the time, effort and the beauty of these paintings’, especially when you can look at them on a canvas (and) see the flowers in the background,” she said. declared.

Judi took up painting “en plein air”, with the landscape becoming his studio, and used casein paints to create some of the pieces. Casein, which is derived from a milk protein, is a quick-drying, water-soluble medium used by artists – and a technique she learned at Founders Hall.

“She was introduced to this by other community artists Doug Macklem and Rich Koleszarl,” Lynch said. When asked which of her mother’s paints she preferred, Lynch added, “You can’t have a favorite, but I really liked seeing her soaking in casein.”

Although the founders’ reopening fell within a week of his daughter’s wedding, Judi was there to join the community he had missed during the pandemic. She is also a member of the Ridgefield Arts Council and volunteers to help maintain the Keeler Gardens.

“My mom is the most creative, talented, and caring person,” Lynch said. “The fact that his artwork surrounds us – depicting the gardens in which we will be with family and friends for the first time in over a year – makes our day even more special. “

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