Alia-Ranbir marriage: Alia Bhatt shares how she wants her married life to be

No celebration is complete without food, and the most coveted wedding of 2022 was no exception. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Alia Bhatt and Rabir Kapoor’s wedding, which took place at Ranbir Kapoor’s Vastu Residence in Mumbai on Thursday afternoon.

Newlywed Alia Bhatt (Kapoor), posted a series of photographs on Instagram in the evening and it was there that she expressed her wish to spend married life with her beau in the most unique way.

In her post, she wrote, “With so much already behind us, we can’t wait to build more memories together…memories full of love, laughter, comfortable silences, movie nights, fights. silly, wine delights and Chinese bites.”

Well, as true foodies, we stuck to the line that said “wine delights and Chinese bites”. And we could not agree more with the alliance of wine and Chinese bites.

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Before we could get over the idea of ​​wine and Chinese finger food, social media was flooded with more photos from the intimate wedding, where the newlywed couple could be seen toasting their nuptials and cutting the wedding cake. Detailed with fresh flowers, the 3-tier cake looked totally delicious.


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