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Dear Héloïse: I have just returned from my grandson’s lovely wedding. His smart wife arranged a unique “Bachelor event.” She had arranged, with her florist, to gather the bridesmaids two days before the wedding to arrange all the flowers for the wedding. They made the table arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres and cones of flower petals for the farewell. The florist kept the arrangements in a cooler and delivered them to the venue the morning of the wedding. Needless to say, it saved the couple a significant amount of money and provided a unique activity for the bridesmaids. —Lynn F., Rutland, Vermont


Dear Héloïse: To prevent t-shirt decals from peeling, never put them in the dryer. After washing them, hang them on plastic hangers to dry in the garage or laundry room—never on a clothesline, where the sun’s rays will fade their colors. I have a few sideburns that I’ve had for over 10 years, and they haven’t faded at all. I do the same for blue jeans so they don’t shrink or get holes. —Wayne Evans, Carenco, Louisiana


Dear Héloïse: When a big trip is approaching, I research which gas stations and catering establishments are on the way and in the areas we visit. I then start visiting my local wholesale club and buy a few of these gift cards every time I go. When we travel, we mainly use gift cards. When we get back, we don’t have a huge credit card bill waiting for us. — Kathy Robarge, The Villages, Florida


Dear Héloïse: I wash my hands a lot these days because of COVID, and my hands were getting quite dry. So I would just apply hand lotion.

Now, after washing, I take a small dab of lotion and a small dab of hand sanitizer, then mix them together as I rub them in my hands. The sanitizer allows the lotion to spread quickly and evenly, so I’m doing two things at once. —David, Montana


Dear Héloïse: In a recent letter, a woman shared the story of a balloon being released to celebrate someone’s death. I imagine it was very pretty and spectacular. But these balloons are not going to heaven. They return to Earth. They land in streams, rivers and oceans to be eaten by aquatic life and kill them. Balloons can also land in pastures, where horses and cows consume them and die.

Please, please, please find another way to honor someone’s memory! Maybe you can buy cereal boxes for a homeless shelter or pantry? Write your loved one’s name on the box and words of inspiration for the people who receive it. — Hags with Nags, Sharon and friends

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