Abe might be Lani’s dad after all

This week Days of our lives speculation addresses the sensitive issue of Lani’s paternity. Fans of the popular NBC soap opera know that Abe and Paulina’s near marriage has now imploded thanks to the truth about her fatherhood being revealed. But it’s still possible that Abe really is Lani’s father after all. Let’s see how this could be possible.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

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During “Days of Our Lives”, Paulina’s secrets were revealed

Asking Marlena to officiate their marriage wasn’t the wisest thing Abe and Paulina had done on Days of our lives. This seemed like a good idea at the time, don’t get me wrong. But at the time Abe and Paulina first asked Marlena to be the officiant, she was “normal”. But, at the time of their marriage, the woman was possesses.

And needless to say, it didn’t take long for things to head south very quickly. On the November 17 episode of the show, “Marlena (as Mar-Devil) revealed Paulina’s well-kept secrets. The secrets, of course, involve Lani’s real mother (who is Paulina, spoiler alert). And while Paulina has done a great job of keeping the secrets so far, they’re all going to come out in this episode.

And thanks to Olivia who confirmed everything at the wedding, Abe canceled everything.

Abe called off the wedding

So needless to say, there’s nothing but a mess on Days of our lives. And Abe, having been through enough, decided he didn’t want to experience anything else. The marriage is over with Paulina – for good.

“Paulina finally admitted that it was all true, but she wanted to face this crisis with Abe as husband and wife. Abe said there would be no marriage – neither now nor ever,” reported Dirty celebrity laundry. “After Abe was released, Paulina sued him. Meanwhile, Marlena could barely contain her joy at the collapsing nuptials.

But is Abe really Lani’s father after all?

That said, there is a somewhat convoluted way that Abe can truly be Lani’s father, after all. To understand how, we will have to dive back into Days of our lives the story, at a time when Abe was married to Tamara Price, in 1986, when she was played by Marilyn McCoo of the 5th dimension.

Yes, the same woman who sang that song.

SoapHub believes there is a chance that Paulina’s baby “didn’t make it” all those years ago. In other words, after Paulina gave birth to her baby and gave it to Tamara to raise, the baby died. We don’t know how or why this happened, but let’s assume for a moment that it happened. At the same time that Paulina’s baby died, Tamara’s love child with Abe was born – and that love child turned out to be Lani.

Certainly people have heard of children taking paternity tests. But the maternity tests? Not really. But anything is possible in Salem, after all! Of course, this is all speculation (and very savage speculation, on top of that). We’re just going to have to tune in to the next few episodes of Days of our lives to find out what happens next.

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