8 reasons people were banned from buying a Ferrari again

Ferrari are among the most desirable supercars and hypercars on the planet alongside Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren, and Pagani. They offer sportiness and comfort, speed and acceleration, and allow everyone to stand out.

These prestigious and extremely desirable vehicles come with an air of sophistication and wealth – and sometimes confidence, if often misplaced. Ferraris, whether vintage, retro or new, offer something for everyone. Car enthusiasts love them because they are meticulously tuned, both chassis and engine, while people who show up love them simply because “it’s a Ferrari”. Ferrari has very carefully maintained its reputation sell his vehicles to a certain type of person who will help elevate and improve his status – which can sometimes backfire with dramatic effect. Many celebrities who have owned Ferraris are now being banned from buying them because they did something to upset the Prancing Horse.

So whether it’s modifying their cars too much, selling them too soon, or publicly criticizing them on social media, famous people have lost their Ferrari buying privileges for the foreseeable future. In order to prevent that from happening, here are eight reasons why people have been banned from buying a Ferrari again.

8 Modify cars too much

Ferrari has a clause in its contracts which states that owners cannot modify their new Ferraris until a certain period of time has elapsed. That doesn’t mean new owners aren’t allowed to touch it at all, but modifications such as widebody kits are a big no-no.

The clause apparently also applies to certain colors, as several celebrities have been chastised for the color of their cars. One such famous incident involved DeadMau5who wrapped his 458 Italia in a Nyan cat delivered. Ferrari sued him and in response he sold the “Purrari” and bought a Lamborghini Huracan – on which he put the same livery since Lamborghini has no such restrictions.

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seven Sell ​​them before the end of the contractual period

In the purchase contract, Ferrari put a clause stating that the new owners must own their Ferrari for a certain period of time before they can sell it. This duration differs, but is generally around 12 months, although it can be up to 18 months.

One celebrity who did not adhere to this rule was Floyd Mayweather, the famous boxer. He tends to buy expensive cars and only keep them for a few months, before moving on to better vehicles. This didn’t sit well with Ferrari, so they banned him from buying limited-edition cars again.

Criticizing cars is an almost daily occurrence and we car enthusiasts do it all the time. Unfortunately, this does not please the bosses of Maranello at all. Ferrari has a reputation to uphold and cannot afford to have its cars called ‘lemons’.

One such incident happened with the famous rapper 50 Cent, who had to have his 488 GTB towed to a garage because the battery is dead. After the incident, 50 Cent was banned and now has to pose with someone else’s new Ferraris if he wants to look cool.

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5 Accepting gifts of Ferraris from questionable people

Accepting any car from someone you don’t know is a little weird, but when you accept a 458 Italia from a financial fraudster, it gives Ferrari’s PR department a reason to get involved. This is exactly what would have happened with Kim Kardashian when she received a wedding present.

Although this rumor cannot be confirmed or denied, it is possible that it happened when the delivery company confirmed the delivery of the car. This put Kim K on Ferrari’s blacklist for many years, and it’s unclear if she’s still banned.

4 Chasing Ferrari will

Preston Henn, an avid Ferrari collector in North America, pursued the Prancing Horse as they refused to sell him the rare LaFerrari Apertaeven if it met all the ridiculous prerequisites put in place by Ferrari to be able to buy one.

Mr Henn argued his reputation as a Ferrari collector had been tarnished by the refusal, but he eventually dropped the case. He never had his LaFerrari Aperta as he sadly passed away a year after the case was dropped.

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3 Criticize Ferrari automobiles in test drives

Chris Harris is currently one of the presenters of the famous Top of the line motor show, and he had trouble with the prancing horse. Before his Top of the line days he wrote car reviews for various publications and had his own YouTube channel where he drove some pretty amazing vehicles.

The reason Ferrari forbade him from reviewing any of their cars again is because in 2011 he wrote an article about how Ferrari tuned their press cars to be the best version possible. of the car, while the production versions weren’t as good. Ouch!

2 Losing your Ferrari for a long time while paying it off

Buying a Ferrari should be a momentous occasion and driving it every other day should make the owner feel special. Unfortunately, many celebrities don’t quite share this enthusiast’s point of view.

Although the rumor cannot be confirmed, Justin Bieber allegedly “misplaced” his 458 Italia after a night of heavy drinking, which caused his assistant to take three weeks to get the car back. Ferrari caught wind of this and although they never released a statement publicly, Bieber was immediately banned from getting a new Ferrari.

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While Ferrari allows subtle changes to new cars just to make them unique, they don’t like big changes while the car is still under contract and being financed. However, one subtle modification that they don’t allow at all is when new owners change the prancing horse logo on their cars.

This happened several times, with DeadMau5 changing his horse into a cat to fit the Nyan cat ‘Purrari’, and Justin Bieber who not only changed the Prancing Horse logo but also put a West Coast Customs widebody kit on his 458 – two massive breaches of Ferrari’s terms. So if you ever buy a new Ferrari, don’t touch the horse on its back or it will kick you.

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