6 Unique Return Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests | Wedding return gifts

Do you want your guests to remember you fondly even after your wedding ceremonies are over? The best way is to give them memorable items that will leave them…

Giving someone a gift is already a challenge, and if you combine the pressure of giving a return wedding gift, it will only add more burden to the host. The gift should symbolize your gratitude and be something that sparks joy. Since your guest list will include people of all ages, it should be suitable for everyone. Here we have curated a list of six unique and stylish gift ideas.

Gold coin

Who doesn’t love precious gold coins? They are all the rage these days. A 22 karat gold coin is a perfect wedding gift that will constantly remind you of your big day. This has always been a traditional gift in Indian homes, so everyone will love this thoughtful gift.

However, it’s an expensive choice, so if you’re having an intimate ceremony with a limited number of guests, this will be a great option. Pack it in an elegantly decorated box to add to the charm.

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crystal earrings

crystal earrings

This gift is especially for your gorgeous bridesmaids who have been by your side through thick and thin. What better way to express your love and appreciation for them, than to gift a classic pair of crystal earrings. These are both chic and stylish.

Leave a sweet note for each pair to thank them for everything they’ve been through, from all your tantrums to mood swings.

Jewelry box

jewelry box

Specially carved wooden jewelry boxes are classic gift options. You can even choose marble and metal boxes. Those that have engravings and are studded with precious stones are even better. Provide a high-quality, durable box that’s large enough to store all of your guests’ favorite earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories.

Candle holders

candle holders

Nothing can beat the grace of white candles on gold or cream candle holders. If you want to give away a possession that will add style to your guests’ living rooms, these are exquisite pieces for wedding homecoming gift baskets. Add different scented candles to the mix.

Vegan food baskets

vegan food

If you are environmentally conscious, this is just the thing for you. Vegan chocolates, organic teas and cashew cookies can also send an important message about the environment. These can be wrapped beautifully to make it more attractive. Choose a variety of vegan foods to make a gift basket.

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Handcrafted mirrors


Everything that is traditional and aesthetic has an incomparable charm. A decorated and elegant handcrafted designer mirror will be loved and used by all your guests. “Aranmula Kannadi” is a handcrafted mirror from Kerala that will be the most vintage wedding gift idea. Don’t forget to leave a thoughtful message with the gift.

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