5 Investments New Wedding Photographers Should Make

Wedding photography is a very competitive genre that requires a lot of people looking to make it their career. And so, when you get started, it is important to do everything possible to give yourself the best chance of success. This great video tutorial features a seasoned wedding professional discussing five things you should invest in when starting a wedding photography business.

Coming to you from Katelyn james, this helpful video tutorial covers five things new wedding photographers should consider investing in to really get on the right path to success. One thing I think a lot of new photographers overlook (and not just in weddings) is the importance of having a keen business sense. Many photographers enter the professional world once they feel they have the requisite experience behind the camera, and although this is, of course, an important aspect if you are unfamiliar with it. marketing, networking, accounting, etc. be severely disadvantaged. Investing in business training is a great idea. Watch the video above for the full rundown of James.

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