4 wedding backdrop ideas to make your ceremony stand out

The wedding backdrop has been hyped due to its many spin-offs. From setting the mood to expressing yourself with words or pretty pictures, backdrops can do a lot for your wedding ceremony. If you’re planning on having a small, intimate wedding ceremony, swearing by the trend of a stageless wedding with custom backdrops could be the key to arranging wedding decor that will take your guests’ breath away. Here are some offbeat backdrop ideas that we love coming out late that will make your wedding ceremony stand out.

The draped touch

This backdrop is perfect for every wedding ceremony, whether indoors or outdoors. With rustic curtains tied on trees or walls and engraved with personalized words or quotes, this backdrop will spruce up your decor while making it cozy and cute. Slamming large LED bulbs near the curtains can enhance the look even further.

The sparkling magical touch

While fairy lights have been an advertisement dazzle for a long time and people usually go with this hoola hoop inspired floral backdrop, this one is something very unique, DIY and adds a touch of whimsy to your decoration. Just drape the string lights over a light colored wall with little spacing between each string to create a magical touch. You can also use glass neon etched messages to add more glamour.

Foliage in the background

Backdrops are the backbone of your wedding! Not only do they work great for creating lifelong photographs and memories, but they can also shape the overall decor by adding visual volume to it. The key to adding a new dimension to your backdrop is to complete the greens with custom LED light panels. Personalized messages, the association of your name or your hashtags on the background covered with foliage will liven up your wedding photos and add a touch of contemporary uniqueness.

Foliage in the background

Colorful floras with golden ethnic frames

A fancy decorated backdrop with a floral accent adorned with painted frames can give a better overall message loud and clear while capturing the attention of your guests. Adorned with yellow-hued fairy bulbs, gold frames and a pastel floral crown, the place is pretty for photographs and memories to last a lifetime. Make sure to cover it with similar lights or the combination of different illuminations will look a bit tacky.

The colorful floral crown

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