4 Unique Bohemian-Themed Wedding Decor Ideas

No one can deny the old world charm of a bohemian wedding. Consider vintage wood decor, dream catcher draperies, rustic canopies and crochet photo booths for your wedding. Wouldn’t you like to get married now? If woven decor, overflowing flowers and an abundance of drapery are your clear call, then a bohemian wedding is definitely the key to your heart. This creates a unique and romantic inspiration.

Here we bring you 4 bohemian themed wedding decoration ideas for free spirit vibes.

1. Elegant dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are considered sacred charms that protect against negative energies. Dreamcatchers are a common feature of the bohemian aesthetic, and they have grown in popularity in recent years due to their openness to creative interpretation. Feathers, beads, and a variety of color and pattern combinations all contribute to the enduring appeal of dreamcatchers as decor items, especially at modern weddings.


2. Carpet layers

Want to make the most of your home furnishings for your sunset wedding? Pair them with your favorite printed rugs, throws and moodas. Install several to create a vintage-style walkway leading to your mandap or a nomad nook for guests with Persian rugs topped with throw pillows and hanging curtains. As an alternative to the traditional dance floor, you can also roll out a mat.

3. Canopy seating arrangement

Having a canopy-style sitting area or seating area gives you plenty of creative options. It usually goes well with Mehendi and Haldi features, where guests can move around and converse. Also, ditch boring curtains that act as ceilings for mandaps, instead you can use dramatic elements like chandeliers, branch and twig mesh, creepers, vines, logs, floral garlands and artistic creations in wire and string lights.


4. Hang some lanterns

We already know the importance of lit candles in decor, but lanterns can open up a whole new world of decorating possibilities. They can add new textures and finishes to different styles in addition to refracting that all-important shine. They can be arranged in different ways according to your preferences.

So if you plan to incorporate these ideas into your decor, don’t forget to put on your favorite bohemian outfit to go with it!

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