32 wedding anniversary gifts: ideas for every type of married couple

Wedding anniversary gifts may require more thought than your average anniversary, which makes sense, as they celebrate the love between you and your life partner. Whether you’re nearing the 10-year mark, been married for decades, or approaching 12 months of marital bliss, finding the perfect anniversary gift is a special way to commemorate the occasion or treat a couple. really special married. in your life, like your parents.

You do not know where to start ? Let’s start with the traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas: paper for the first year; cotton for two years; and leather, linen and wood for years three, four and five, respectively. Then there are the bigger milestones, such as pewter or aluminum for the 10th anniversary, silver for the 25th anniversary, the pearl for the 30th anniversary and, for those lucky enough to reach the 50th anniversary, gold.

But as times change, so does the concept of a birthday gift voucher. For the first anniversary, the so-called modern gift is a clock. Third year ? Crystal or glass. Year four is where things get Great sexy with … electrical devices. (Hey, what couple isn’t thrilled about having a new Vitamix toaster or adorable Smeg toaster?) It’s pretty good if you had a particular item on your wedding gift list and you have not received it. Likewise, household items are modern gifts for your spouse, both perfect for those decorating or renovating a home around the 20th anniversary.

But for extra-chic gifts, you’ll also want to note the current jewelry and watch milestones: diamonds are here for the 10th anniversary (out of the engagement ring box), followed by pearls for 12, gold. for 14, and watches for 15. And once you hit the double digits, bring the gems: we have opals for ringing in 34, rubies for 40, sapphires for 45, emeralds for 55 and diamonds, again, on your 60th birthday.

Of course, throwing these “rules” out the window is also quite acceptable. Most importantly, the best birthday present is something you know they’ll love. So, ahead, browse our gift guide for 32 wedding anniversary gifts, from pretty jewelry to stylish housewares and, yes, super cool appliances.

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