22 Best Bridesmaid Gifts for Brides to Give in 2022

From giving you the best engagement gift to choosing your favorite bridal shower gift, your bridesmaid has been there for you throughout the great journey leading up to your wedding day. And there’s no better way to thank her for her dedication, love and support than with a special gift.

“The best gift is one that’s both practical and personal,” Emily Forrest, director of communications for Zola, the online wedding planning service, tells Good Housekeeping. She suggests giving a personalized gift, like a robe or pajama set that can last well beyond your wedding day and serve as a keepsake.

If your girlfriend isn’t a fan of monograms, there are a ton of other meaningful gestures and sentimental gifts that will express your appreciation. Looking for a gift for your sister? You will want something to honor your bond. Shopping for your best friend? You can’t go wrong with a gift that showcases your memories. No matter who your bridesmaid is – sister, best friend, cousin, daughter – we’ve found the perfect gift for her. And yes, many of them will work if you have a man of honor By your side.

Check out our list of very best bridesmaid gifts.

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Best bridesmaid gift overall


Custom art print


Best Personalized Jewelry Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized cuff bracelet


Best custom bridesmaid dress

Personalized bathrobe


Best Affordable Bridesmaid Gift


Personalized makeup bag


Best Bridesmaid Gift for Best Friends

personalized bridesmaid frame


Best Funny Bridesmaid Gift


Slide Slipper


Best bridesmaid gift for sister


Custom coordinate necklace


Best bridesmaid gift to give the night before

Self-Heating Eye Masks


Best Bridesmaid Gift Experience

Mixology Course


Best bridesmaid gift for after the wedding


The body experience


Best personalized bridesmaid pajamas


Personalized pajama set


Best Bridesmaid Gift Card

stitch correction

Gift card


Best Bridesmaid Gift Set

Black Girl Magic Box


Most Unique Bridesmaid Gift

Contemporary cork vases


Best Monogrammed Bridesmaid Gift

mud pie

Initial shopping bag in black and white canvas


Best bridesmaid gift without wedding


Gold leaf resin jewelry holder


Best Monogrammed Jewelry Bridesmaid Gift

Personalized initial bracelet


Best Groomsman Gift

Man of Honor Box


Best bridesmaid gift for everyone

Dorothy BCo

Candle Moments Mimosa


Best Personalized Bridesmaid Gift on Amazon


floral ring


Tiffany’s Best Bridesmaid Gift


Disc Charm Pendant


Best Lasting Bridesmaid Gift


Bassi Market shopping bag

What does a bridesmaid do on the wedding day?

There are no set rules about what a Ministry of Health should do. However, she may take on some traditional duties, including planning the bachelorette party, giving a toast at the reception, and helping the bride in general, especially on the wedding day.

Are you supposed to give your bridesmaid an extra gift?

You can, but you don’t have to. However, if you want to process it a little more, there are a few options. “Another way to say thank you is to cover the beauty costs the person of honor is supposed to have on the wedding day or the day before,” she says. This is a particularly thoughtful idea because wedding makeup is getting more and more expensive these days.

Gift experiences are another good idea. “Do a wine tasting together or have a good time together. You have to be close if that person is a person of honor,” she says. “Plus, an experience is a way to create a memory and enjoy it yourself as well.”

How much does a bridesmaid gift usually cost?

The price of a luxury gift, in addition to your other wedding expenses (including gifts from the mother of the bride and not to mention gifts from the bridesmaid), could be a concern, but don’t worry. not “the right price is the one that feels comfortable,” says Forrest. “Anywhere between $10 and $100 might be fine. If you’re covering a special service like a hair appointment or a nail appointment, the cost will be a little higher, but if you’re offering a delicious candle and bath salts, it could cost less than $30. I really believe it’s about the thought and personalization of the gift rather than the amount of money spent.”

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