16 dried flower ideas for your wedding

Flowers are a decoration that alone will turn your wedding into a dreamy fairy tale. Fresh flowers are probably the first image that comes to mind when thinking of lush details, but the latest wedding floral trend isn’t quite as traditional.

Right now, dried flowers are on the rise. From bouquets to centerpieces, dried floral elements add a rustic or bohemian touch to your event while playing up visual intrigue. “Dried flowers can bring a lot of varied textures to arrangements that fresh flowers often can’t,” says planner Kyleigh Stewart. “It can absolutely help achieve bulkier looks for larger rooms or setups.”

Besides aesthetic appeal, dehydrated flowers have a longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts. “Fresh flowers tend to die within a week of the wedding, while most dried flowers are known to last longer,” notes planner Melissa Williams. By using dried flowers in your wedding design, you’ll have lasting arrangements that you can reuse in your living room long after the wedding is over. Not to mention that you will reduce the amount of waste produced by your wedding, so it is an ecological alternative.

Depending on the season and source, opting to embed dried foliage is usually less expensive than living buds, making it a cost-effective option with equally beautiful results.

If you don’t want to go all out, mixing dehydrated flowers with fresh flowers offers a unique design option. You can also combine dried plants with various elements to create the aesthetic you are looking for. Throw a bohemian evening? Consider building a plant of pampas grass, dried baby’s breath, and budding roses. Or, you can pair palm fronds with dried carnations to evoke a tropical vibe.

Whatever your vision, textured florals are perfect for all seasons. Bursting in warm hues and eye-catching dimension, they’re a dynamic accompaniment to outdoor vow exchanges in spring, summer or fall. For winter parties with indoor halls, these floral details are always an interesting decoration. “I was able to design a wedding that featured a mix of dry and fresh flowers in an indoor ballroom that unfolded beautifully,” Williams says.

To select the best quality flowers for your evening, Stewart recommends consulting your planner and florist. “Some tend to be more fragile than others or may even molt,” she explains. “They may not be suitable for a bouquet or other arrangement that might see more action on the day of your event.” She also advises sticking to organic and natural options to lessen any negative effects on the environment. “Many artificially dyed or bleached flowers can no longer be composted properly when they are finished being used, resulting in a product that is not good for the environment,” she shares.

Whether you use dried foliage in your bouquet or an elaborate hanging installation, dried flowers are a versatile and dramatic choice. Here are 16 ways to pull off the trend.

Meet the expert

  • Kyleigh Stewart is a Lake Tahoe wedding planner and the owner and creative director of Audere Events. She has eight years of experience planning weddings.
  • Melissa Williams is the owner, lead planner and designer of B Amazing Events based in Washington DC She has worked in the events industry for seven years.

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