12 best Advent calendars for adults and alcohol for Christmas 2021

From your favorite drinks to sexual wellness treats you never knew you needed, these adults-only advent calendars are Christmas must-haves.

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Filled with parties, decorations and lots of delicious food, the time leading up to Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year.

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And you don’t have to wait until Christmas Day to enjoy treats and surprises, with plenty of Advent calendars to give you a daily dose of fun before the big day.

This year’s bundle of adult advent calendars has dropped and they are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.


These adults-only advent calendars are great for treating yourself or giving as a gift, but be warned, they are only suitable for those 18 and over.

Lovehoney Best Sex Toy of Your Life Sex Toy Advent Calendar, $ 225

If you’ve never really experimented with sex toys, or are familiar with but need some new parts to spice things up, this calendar is a budget-friendly (and mind-blowing) choice. Filled with 24 sex toys and accessories valued at over $ 660 – including the coveted Womanizer Classic, valued at $ 199.95 alone – it will keep you entertained this holiday season. It sells out every year, so if you’re interested, get your hands on it ASAP.


Lovehoney 12 Days Play Sex Toy Advent Calendar for Women, $ 170

Looking for a cheaper option that is bursting with fun? This 12-day play schedule is geared towards women and includes 12 enticing toys and accessories valued at over $ 380. The star of the show? The Womanizer Starlet 2, which costs $ 119.95 on its own (and which all reviewers say is well worth the investment).


Lovehoney 12 Day Sex Toy Advent Calendar for Men, $ 170

Another 12-day mini-calendar, this one is for men, with $ 370 of must-have sexual wellness products, including the Lovehoney Hot Shot, which has $ 124.95 on its own.


Lovehoney 7 Nights of Temptation Lingerie Calendar, $ 110

If your lingerie drawer needs a refresh, this Advent calendar is for you. With $ 170 of floral-print indigo lace lingerie – including a bustier, garters and more – this is the perfect gift for yourself or your sweetheart. It comes in two sizes – 8 to 16 and 18 to 24 – so everyone can have fun.


Loveboxxx Naughty & Nice Advent Calendar 24 pieces, Wild Secrets, $ 249.99 (RRP $ 299.99)

Perfect for solo or couple play, this Loveboxxx Advent Calendar includes eight vibrating toys, six cosmetics and lubricants, six bondage products for beginners, and four fun accessories to jumpstart your sex life.


Drinks by the Dram 12 Day Whiskey Advent Calendar, Dan Murphys, $ 94.99

For the whiskey lover in your life, this set is essential. Containing 12 x 30ml wax-sealed whiskey drams, from award-winning single malts to single grains and more, this is a stylish take on the classic advent calendar.


Drinks by the Dram 12 Day Rum Advent Calendar, Dan Murphys, $ 99.99

Another 12 day pick, this calendar features 30ml drams filled with some of the best rums in the world. From spicy and full-bodied varieties to award-winning varieties, it’s perfect to get into the Christmas spirit and introduce you to your new favorite rum producers.


Cognac 24 Day Christmas Advent Calendar, Dan Murphys, $ 279.99

Packaged in a luxurious gift box, this Advent calendar includes 24 20ml bottles of quality cognac and a tasting glass to enjoy. Every day you’ll experience a new taste, with producer and country descriptions – and a tasting note folder is included so you can take your trip seriously.


24 Days Rum Christmas Advent Calendar, Dan Murphys, $ 199.99

Rum lovers, rejoice, this one is for you. Like the Cognac Calendar, it includes a notebook for your tasting notes, a snifter glass for you to enjoy your daily treat, and 24 unique, high-quality rum variations.


919 Wines Christmas Advent Calendar, Dan Murphys, $ 699

This 24 wine pack comes at a steep price, but breaking it down, each bottle only costs you around $ 29. Not bad for two dozen high-quality wines from one of Australia’s leading wineries (plus you get two bonus bottles of wine to top it off). This is a great value set that you don’t have to treat like your traditional Advent calendar, but rather a way to get through all the December festivities and holidays with lots of booze to spare.


Beer Advent Calendar, Brewquets, $ 139.99

Open a cold one every day until Christmas with the Brewquets Beer Advent Calendar. It’s filled with 25 excellent Australian beers, valued at over $ 160. Expect tinnies from some of Australia’s biggest craft breweries and a wide variety of styles and flavors.

It’s currently available for pre-order and will ship in early November, leaving plenty of time for it to arrive before the start of December!



The history of Advent calendars dates back to the 19th century, when families marked each December day on the calendar in anticipation of Christmas Day. The first printed Advent calendars like the ones we’re used to today appeared in the early 1900s, created by a German named Gerhard Lang.


It’s pretty simple: every day from December 1, you open one of the little doors in your advent calendar box with the corresponding date and enjoy the treat hiding inside.

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